Yun OS, Ali OS, or Alibaba OS is an intelligent operating system developed by Alibaba Group that combines Alibaba Group’s technological achievements in many areas, including Big Data , cloud services , and smart device operating systems, and can be mounted on smartphones , Internet cars , smart homes, smart wearables and many other intelligent terminals.

An alternative to the Android operating system

The ban on ZTE from the United States got attention worldwide recently. It is believed that ZTE will most likely lose the right to use access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) in the Android Operating System. ZTE’s mobile phone industry will face a strong decline in the sales of its handset if it cannot use the GMS.

Currently, there are only two major operating systems in the world: Apple iOS and Android Operating System. Chinese mobile phones manufacture might be worried as both these operating systems are not based in China. Once these Chinese manufacturers are banned from using these systems, China won’t be capable of releasing their own smartphones. In this context, Alibaba has updated its mobile operating system YunOS to version Version 6 showing its intent to be the ultimate alternative to the Android operating system.

What is YunOS?

Yunos is a Linux distribution developed by Alibaba and is designed for smartphones based on the Android Open Source Project.

yunos 6

The mainstream Chinese mobile phones manufacturers are growing their presence in the international market. Let us take the example of Xiaomi; it has now become the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. In India and some other countries, Xiaomi has achieved the top position in the market share of mobile phones. Once Chinese mobile phones manufacturers are banned from using these operating systems, they will suffer a heavy loss. So, they must sooner or later find an alternative to the Android operating system.

This may also be one reason why Alibaba is trying to promote the use of YunOS. YunOS comes with a new architecture and has an efficient system kernel, cloud-based application framework, and advanced security mechanisms. Alibaba claims that a smartphone with YunOS can boot within 6 seconds.

In the past five years, the global sales of the personal computer have declined to the level it was in 2008. The sales of the smartphone are increasing every year and Android smartphones dominate the market. Android’s market share is even as high as 90% in some countries. It can be seen that the future will be dominated by the smartphone market.

Let us remind you, Meizu is now backed by Alibaba. One of the reasons for this is that Alibaba wants to promote its own mobile operating system. As a result, Meizu MX4 became the first Meizu smartphone to also offer Yun OS.

Alibaba has said that Yun OS will come with Smartisan and Meizu in the future. Let’s us wait for the launch of the smartphone with Alibaba’s own mobile operating Yun OS/AliOS.

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