Android Security vs. iPhone: Which Is More Secure


Android Security vs. iPhone; which is more secure between iOS and Android? Android user might say Android is secure while iPhone users might say iOS. The Chief of Android security thinks differently. He claims that Android security is no worse than iOS, but it is better than it!

In the Android Security Assessment of 2017, Google announced that it has surpassed its competitors in terms of security because the Android system introduced a lot of security measures in the mid of 2017 and many of the measures even led the development of the industry.

David Kleidermacher, the head of Android security, told CNBC explicitly that Android security is now comparable to iOS. However, he remained restrained in his words: “Don’t name it by name, and now the Android system is as safe and even better than it’s competitors.”

However, in an interview with CNBC, Kleidermacher acknowledged a problem with Android: When someone discovers a bug in Android, Google must send software updates to many Android phone manufacturers, such as Samsung and Huawei, and then urge them to provide security updates as soon as possible. Despite this, this process often takes a long time, or some manufacturers will not respond to Google’s request.

More importantly, the open source Android gives users 100% freedom of choice. They can download apps from places other than Google Play, so Android users are often unintentionally downloading a lot of malware.

It is Claimed that Google Play Protect Enhances Android Security

Google Play Protect

However, Kleidermacher said that Google Play Protect on the Android platform can effectively solve this problem. It can not only review Google Play apps but also detect apps downloaded from other platforms. If a harmful app is found, it will automatically be deleted. So even if Android has those defects, it can be easily blocked. Unfortunately, this function does not work for all.

Even Google’s report shows that Android’s open-source approach is more secure than Apple’s closed-source code. Because as a global open source project, Android has a developer community, and everyone will help find deep vulnerabilities and process them quickly, which is significantly more efficient than closed-source projects.

What do you think about the claim of Google regarding Android Security? Please, leave your views on which is secure between Android and iPhone.

iPhone 6s explodes in a hair salon in Vietnam, terrifying scene


It is believed that iPhone 6s has exploded in a hair salon in Vietnam according to a report from Softpedia. A video released on Softpedia shows two staffs from the barbershop staff were doing hair works for a woman. Then the iPhone 6 explodes suddenly, the cashier risks to the open fire, the cashier quickly runs out. A terrifying scene created by the explosion of iPhone 6s. Please, see the video below.

February 9 was one of the worst days for Apple. In the morning, an AirPods wireless headset exploded on a man’s ear. Apple has already released an official statement saying that it is investigating the incident of the Airpod explosion. And in the evening, this incident of iPhone 6s exploding in a hair salon in Vietnam.

From the photos provided by the staffs of the salon, it can be seen that the front panel of the iPhone 6S mobile phone has been completely burned out.

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The authenticity of the videos and pictures is still to be investigated and we can’t exactly say what exactly caused the explosions if still the pictures and videos were real.

Apple has not released any official statements regarding the explosion. Let’s see how is Apple going to deal with the latest explosion of iPhone 6s.


Qualcomm Merger With Broadcom, what’s going on


Qualcomm Merger With Broadcom was one of the biggest and surprising news in the chip industry. You might want to know what’s going on in this acquisition process. Well, it is reported that Qualcomm’s board of directors unanimously rejected the Broadcom’s bid of 82 US dollars per share, Broadcom further improves the bidding offer. Broadcom is willing to pay Qualcomm $8 billion as “termination fee” if the deal fails to get the regulatory approval.

Broadcom CEO Hock Tan (Chen Fuyang) disclosed a letter this Friday to Qualcomm chairman Paul Jacobs. Although Chen Fuyang reiterated that the bid of $82 per share is the “best final offer”, he also said that he could modify the merger proposal to add an additional 8 billion US dollar in termination fees and a 6% annual regulatory waiting fee for the cash portion of the considered Dividends). The $8 billion termination fee accounts for about 6.6% of the $121 billion in total transactions.

Qualcomm dismissed Broadcom’s first offer last year, arguing that the price offered by Broadcom has underestimated the company’s value. A key crux of the deal is whether Chen Fuyang can persuade Qualcomm’s board of directors to convince them that the merger will win regulators’ approval.

However, Broadcom said the latest proposal is very beneficial to Qualcomm and its shareholders. Chen Fuyang said he looks forward to it “immediately” and Qualcomm to discuss the merger, and proposed the earliest meeting this weekend.

Qualcomm warned on Friday that it could lose two customers if it accepts Broadcom’s $ 121 billion takeover offer. Qualcomm also said the deal cannot get regulatory approval.

Qualcomm said customers offering more than $1 billion in chips have already said they would abandon Qualcomm if the transaction was completed because they did not believe Broadcom would be able to continue leading the technology.

Qualcomm is an important player in the chip industry as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, OPPO, Sony, Vivo and Xiaomi are the main customers of Qualcomm, most of them being smartphones manufacturers.

Qualcomm while dismissing the Broadcom acquisition proposal said that it would be willing to meet with the opponent to see whether the disagreement can be resolved. Broadcom has welcomed this but wants to meet Qualcomm before Monday. Qualcomm will be holding a meeting with its acting consultant before Tuesday. As of Friday morning, the date of the meeting between the two sides has not yet been finalized.

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Qualcomm also raised antitrust issues that it may face while arguing that Broadcom will hurt its authorized business of $4 billion. Broadcom is completely ignoring the reality that, in the past five years, it took more than 18 months to finalize the merger process involving bigger and international companies and multiple regulators.

Xiaomi to be the second-largest mobile manufacturer in this first quarter


Xiaomi is likely to surpass OPPO becoming China’s second-largest mobile manufacturer in this first quarter, Huawei still occupying the first position while Oppo, Vivo, and Lenovo taking third, fourth and fifth position respectively, a recent report from DigiTimes says.

According to the industry sources, demand for parts from China’s top smartphone makers has significantly increased recently, with some supply chain vendors already getting short-term orders from these manufacturers.

The industry generally believes that Tai Li Optoelectronics, a Taiwan-based lens module supplier, will get more orders from Chinese smartphones because its products are highly praised by Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi. Due to the approaching New Year holidays in China in mid-February this year, supply chain manufacturers may postpone some orders until March shipment.

According to Digitimes Research, Huawei is expected to be the largest smartphone company in this first quarter. It is also likely that Millet will replace OPPO as the second smartphone phone manufacturer in China, as sales of Xiaomi in Russia and Eastern Europe are on the rise.

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Digitimes Research said that, in the first quarter of this year, OPPO will fall to the third position in the market, while Vivo and Lenovo will occupy the fourth and fifth positions respectively. The source added that due to fears of the financial strength of second-tier smartphone manufacturer like Coolpad, most supply chain vendors will be cautious about accepting the order from them.

Apple providing cheaper loan options to Apple Consumers through Goldman Sacs


Apple is providing cheaper loan options to Apple Consumers through Goldman Sacs according to the latest report. It is currently negotiating with the Goldman Sachs to provide the loan in cheaper interest for the consumers who are interested in buying Apple iPhones or other products from Apple. It is believed that the negotiations between Apple and Goldman Sachs are currently on the progress, so we are not sure about the finalized report as both the Goldman Sachs and Apple has not passed any comments to the media.

Currently, Apple has launched the iPhone Upgrade Program, providing 24 months of interest-free financing programs to the buyers of the iPhone. Consumers participating in this program can upgrade to new iPhones after making the payment for 12 months. You can find more information about the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program here. The current iPhone Upgrade Program is provided by the Citizens Financial Group, but the situation might change if the Goldman Sachs is involved.

This cooperation may create a win-win situation both for Apple Inc. and Goldman Sachs. On the one hand, it will help consumers of Apple to buy Apple products at lower prices and will boost the sales of Apple products; On the other hand, Goldman’s loan business will get millions of new user.

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The Apple iPhone upgrade plan is getting more important to Apple as the high price of its devices has not been able to attract a group of all average-spending consumers. In the wake of doubts on the $1,000 pricing of the iPhone X, Apple CEO Tim Cook said at a conference last November that it was equivalent to $33 per month, “that is how many cups of coffee a week”.

If this deal finalizes, consumers can buy iPhone, Mac and other Apple products in cheaper loan options.

Six products of Huawei has bagged the iF Product Design Award


Huawei has officially announced on its Twitter account that six of its products has won the iF Design Award. The Huawei products that have won the iF Design Award are Huawei Mate10, Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei MateBook X, Huawei nova 2, Huawei Parrot 4G mobile router and Huawei VR 2.

The iF Design Award, or “iF” in abbreviated form, was founded in 1953. The iF Design Award is annually held by the iF Industries Forum Design in multiple disciples. iF Industries Forum Design is one of the oldest Agency related to Industrial Design in Germany. Every year, the iF Design Forum of Germany awards the iF Design Award, which is best known for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” award philosophy. The aim of the iF Award is to raise public awareness on design. The most important aspect of this Design Award is iF gold award which is provided to outstanding entries. Seventy-five products received the iF gold award this year.

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A total of 54 countries around the world participated in the contest of 2018 iF Design Award and submitted more than 6,400 products for the competition. The jury was composed of 63 experts from the design field which selected the winners.


Loapi Virus Can destroy your phone, how to be safe from it


Have you heard about Loapi Virus? Loapi Virus is a powerful android virus that it can even destroy your android phone. Today, We will inform you about this virus and provide you tips on how to be safe from it.

What is Loapi Virus

Kaspersky Labs has discovered a new Malware named Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi in Android Phones. According to Kaspersky Labs, When users click on banner ads, a fake antivirus application or pornographic application infected by Loapi virus is downloaded in the mobile. After the malware is installed, it will ask the user for system administrator privileges, and if it is denied, the notification will keep on popping on the screen until the user selects the “OK” button.

After gaining system privileges, this Virus will download additional modules to connect to the remote server to switch functions, download and install new components. According to Kaspersky Lab’s research and analysis, Loapi Virus has the following features:

  1. Android can be infected by this Virus when clicking on the pop-up banner and video ads. It can also download and install other apps, open pages on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte to increase these applications’ ratings.
  2. This Virus has a module to send text messages to the specified number, to subscribe to some paid services, these operations are conducted secretly. Loapi Virus will delete the sent and received text messages immediately so that the user is not aware of it.
  3. Trojans will use the built-in proxy server to send and receive HTTP requests through the infected device to be enabled to hijack the phone and used it to launch DDoS attacks on Web resources.
  4. It can mine Monero cryptocurrency on the smartphone itself. In two days of testing the malware on a phone, the battery bulged out due to expansions caused by overheating and large network connections.
  5. Kaspersky Lab specialists have discovered many features this malware might deploy in the future and will adopt the preventive measures as per the developer’s scam tactics.

It also features a fall-prevention feature. This feature closes the phone’s settings window when this virus detects a user trying to cancel its administrator rights. It fakes real Antivirus as a Malware when the user installs a real Antivirus Program. It forces the user to remove the real antivirus by continuously showing a pop-up window.

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How to be safe from Loapi Virus

Kaspersky Lab researchers recommend users to download apps from the official app store and prohibit the installation of applications from unknown sources. Do not install apps you do not need, install proven anti-virus software and scan your devices regularly.

Important Changes in Mobile Phones last year

One of the important changes in mobile phones last year was the full-screen display. Today we are actually talking about two other small but important changes, that you might have noticed but ignored.

Technology is changing rapidly. The phone is following new developments year after year. Full-screen display got very much popular quickly in 2017. We are at the beginning of 2018 and we can already see many smartphones with full-screen smartphones. Whether it is a budget or a flagship smartphone, the display of the mobile phone is slowly transiting from 16: 9 to 18: 9.

What were the two Important changes in mobile phones last year

The first change is that the 3.5mm interface used in smartphones is getting smaller. A Weibo blogger has released an interesting statistic regarding the use of 3.55mm interface during the interval of 2016 and 2017. The data shows that the number of devices without a 3.5mm headphone jack has increased from 4% in 2016 to 16% in 2017.

3.5mm audio jack

In addition to 3.5mm headphone jack, there was another important change in the mobile phone industry last year i.e, the increasing use of Type-C interface in smartphone devices. The data above shows that the devices using Type-C interfaces have increased from 26% in 2016 to 42% in 2017. This change is the favorite for most of the flagship smartphones. After all, the Type-C interface provides faster transfer speeds and can be used, either way, i,e. you can insert the Type-C plug either way as it doesn’t have the positive or negative terminal.

USB Type-C

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The mobile tech is developing so much rapidly that we might see most smartphone manufacturers implementing USB Type-C interface in their new phones in 2018; the latest and newest technology in mobile phones!