Is it good to shut down your mobile phone once a day? Do you have the habit of turning off your phone before going to bed at night? What should you do?

Some mobile phone users think that they must shut down their phone every day. They think that shutting the phone will let it rest and eventually extend its service life.

There are other users who think that mobile phones are not a machinery machine that requires rest. So, you can run it continuously without shutting it down.

Well, the fact is that it is better to turn off the mobile once a week. We can compare a phone with a human being. Just like human being needs rest, the phone also needs irregular breaks. However, it is not compulsory to turn off your mobile phone every day.

There are some negative consequences of switching on and off the mobile phone frequently. Every time we turn it off and on, there will be a large amount of data on the phone to be reloaded and read. This will cause some damages to the memory of the phone. The more the frequency of switching on and off, the greater will be the damages.

If the quality of the mobile phone is good, then the impact is not big and the damage is negligible. However, if there are quality issues in the mobile phone itself, the damages caused by frequent reboot may be seen on the mobile phone.

As mentioned above, after each start, the mobile phone must reload all the data saved in the internal storage. From booting to entering standby, the CPU runs at high speed, and the power consumption increases. This process will consume an extra battery life of around 5%. The possibility is as high as 10%. Of course, the data of different mobile phones is not the same.

And if it is just standby, the phone will automatically adjust the power according to the strength of the signal and optimize the system to save power. Therefore, sometimes turning off the mobile phone is more expensive than keeping it on.

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If you don’t reboot your phone for a long time, it will make your phone slow. When the mobile phone is used, it becomes a pile of garbages. This is because, during the running process, various deep junk files are generated in the system, which is generally difficult to clean up, and there are many background programs that are started and run for a long time. Mobile phones will naturally get more garbages over time.

Therefore, it is recommended that the mobile phone be restarted once a week because, during the restart process, the mobile phone will deeply clean up those system garbages and various background programs to complete the self-repair. This is one of the reasons why every time the phone is stuck, it restarts and becomes smooth again.

Warm reminder that some people worry that there will be radiation when they are not shutting down at night. In fact, we don’t have to worry too much about that. The radiation of mobile phones is very small for the human body. They are all within the safe range and can be neglected.

Of course, for some special people, such as pregnant women or children, because the body is weaker and needs better protection, it is necessary to stay away from the mobile phone as much as possible to avoid these tiny radiations.

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