There are occasions where we want to hide the files on our Android device. There are many apps on the Google Play store which can do this task for you. But these applications will consume some amount of memory and RAM of your device.

So, you might want to hide the files stored on your Android device without installing any apps.  Well, today, we are going to tell you about two easy methods with which you can easily hide any kind of files on your Android mobile phone. These methods are simple and convenient and won’t require you to install any applications from the Google Play.

Once you learn about these methods, you will be able to protect your secret files from your friends and families, thus enhancing the privacy of your mobile phone.

Here are the two methods with which you can hide files on your Android device without installing any apps from the play store:

First Method

The first method is to make a hidden folder to keep hidden files inside it. For this, you just need to make a new folder in the internal storage or SD card and put a dot in front of its name. For example, you can see in the picture below that we have created a new folder and named it as secret and you can see a dot(.) before the name secret. You can give it any name. But don’t forget to place the dot before the name. You have now created a hidden folder on your Android Phone.

hide files in android dot method After you have created this folder, you can keep the files you want to hide in this folder. Files in hidden folders do not appear in applications such as Gallery, Media Players, Emails, etc. You can only access the hidden files by using File managers and some types of system applications.

Second Method

The second method is to create a .nomedia file to hide media files in the existing folders of your Android device. This file doesn’t have any extension. It is an empty document with .nomedia in its file name. When the Android system loads the media data (video, audio, pictures, documents, etc.) from the internal or external storage, it first scans the .nomedia file. If the system finds a folder with this file, the system will not scan and load the files inside this folder.

hide media files using .nomedia

Precaution: It is important that you can view the hidden files and folders after hiding the files. Otherwise, the hidden files might be inaccessible. So, it is better to keep a backup of the file on some other locations before performing this action.

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Once you have learned about hiding the files on your Android device, you might want to learn about ways to download paid apps for free from the Google Play Store. If you face any problems, please, feel free to ask us.


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