Saturday, September 18, 2021

Why is Android Noughat 7.1 version best for tv box?

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    I love android Boxes! I’ve bought many many of these! I also recently discovered the ones with the 7.1 work the best. Less mouse use on most apps! Scrolling works better! Which amazes me! Why is it that android 8 and 9 and especially 10 doesn’t work! I’ve tested many boxes so I know it’s not a box issue! When they update the apps they never fix this issue. I know it’s not an OS issue cause navigation works on some versus others!


    April Slaney Lawrence

    I don’t particularly care for Android 10 but that’s more because the apps don’t really work with it not because of anything wrong with that version of Android.
    The thing I’m wondering about is why you’re bought so many. Are these for your own personal use?

    Jonathan Lewis

    But there is an issue with 8 and 9 as well believe this. If you get the 7.1 you will rarely use the mouse option

    Jan van den Eeden

    The latest versions Android on my boxes is 9 & 10. I have no problems with addons and streaming, but there are differences between the Android versions. The developer-section seems thesame in both Android versions.

    George Boutilier

    6 and 7 are faster too

    Jacky Toney

    Just here reading everyone’s comments, still trying to figure out which box to buy…

    Bob Stitzenberger

    check chigztech.Com for comparison charts.

    Jonathan Lewis

    The Box you buy depends on what your doing! What will you do with your box? I can 💯 help! You will be happy

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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