Friday, September 17, 2021

Why are Chinese mobile phone brands so popular? Are they worth buying?

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    There are enough non-Chinese mobile phone brands in the market. People are simply falling for Chinese phones just because they are cheaper.

    In early 2000s Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Sagem etc were the top mobile brands. Phones from these brands were very reliable and we use to keep a phone for 3 years or more. Now the situation is changed, all are changing their phones after 6 months and Chinese brands are utilising it nicely, actually they are the culprits behind this trend.

    My opinion is buy a phone from a reputed brand like Samsung or Apple and use it for at least 2 years. If Apple and Samsung are not affordable then consider Asus, LG or any other brand but don’t buy Chinese brand.

    Taran Bhandal

    Stfu beacuse u cant afford a good phone

    Moritz Thiemann

    Assuming Chinese phones are automatically inferior is straight up ignorant. Please use a Gigaset phone for a week and then tell me it’s better than a OnePlus or Xiaomi.

    Arnel Vitalez Ebio

    All boils down to price to economic capability of a person, sad to say a lot of us cannot afford a phone with that price range and will opt in getting bang for the buck phones.
    2013 flagship phones = 31k ph now 75k ph for a flagship with a 6 month price price depreciation (75k to 50k) common.. That’s the reason.. Just my 2 cents..

    Ananta Prodhan

    Stop begin a hippocrate man

    Chun Yui Ko

    They’re all made in China though lol. Apple is made in China.


    You can use Flagship of karbonn, Micromax, intex, iball. if you think Chinese companies are bad for market, then do some research on what will happens to World economics if everyone stop using Chinese products. if you’re talking about privacy then start using feature phones. stop using google and facebook. and please stop posting this types of post just to get attention.

    അറക്കൽ അബു

    I am still using Huawei for 3 year without any problem. All problem is with your eyes. You don’t like Chinese products so you trying to force others not to buy Chinese products.
    And one thing is even apple is also manufactured in China. Google is also stealing enough data from us, that is not a problem because it’s US company. Your problem is China.

    Amin Khan Khattak

    Samsung original or Korean made, starts getting hotter when used more than 10 minutes, no Chinese mobile get hotter unless you play heavy game before 30 minutes like xiaomi, oppo, Huawei

    JC Chavez

    Apple and Samsung?! Yuck!!!! Pixel and LG for me please!

    Calwin T

    Chinese products are everywhere in all industries. You simply cannot ignore them

    Arison Siagian

    BlackBerry Chinese❌
    Correct Canada✅

    Vairam B Narendran

    Alcatel is European brand like nokia and sagem recently they ventrured I to brand licensing from own manufacturing

    Meghanath Rugada

    At the end of the day, most of these phones have components made from the country which you wish to avoid

    Opa Chhangte

    We dont want lagsung

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