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What should I look for in an Android tv box that would help lower buffering?

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    Jan van den Eeden

    Keep in mind : some, or a lot, sources are SLOW !!!!! It is nót always your Box that is the cause 🤔

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    Andy Thompson

    Basic tip:- switch off your hub and device from power supply (not standby) for approx 5 mins , then obviously switch back on , this should change your I.P address and may help with buffering in some cases as some internet providers throttle individual I.P addresses based on user usage, not certain but may work

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    Tyson Stevens

    It really doesn’t matter in devices. Find one that’s at least 2gb 16gb. The rest is all similar in all of the $30-$75 range. After that only the Beelink, Formulerz and Nvidea matter

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    Tyson Stevens

    Don’t buy a fire stick or any device that’s 1gb and 8gb. You’re wasting money

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    What should I look for in an Android box that would help lower buffering? High ROM, powerful processor, or what?

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    April Slaney Lawrence

    Good internet

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    Jonathan Patrick Fassbender

    Poor equipment can contribute to buffering but really it’s the way you setup your equipment and your internet connection that has a bigger impact on whether you’re having a lot of buffering issues.

    I have experience setting up many different devices for people and whether it’s a 1st Gen firestick or a Nvidia Shield, I’ve been able to set them up to run near perfectly if the person that owns the device has a reliable internet connection.

    The only real improvements you notice with a more powerful device such as a Nvidia Shield is the ability to navigate quicker, slightly quicker loading times, and the ability to handle smoother playback for much larger files such as 4k links which can range from 30-80gb in size.

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    Chris Goodale

    Clear cache.

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    Keith Cracknell

    Rubbish I buy my boxes for £20i get no buffering 👍
    Its all to do with internet

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    Harizal Edge

    nvidia shield pro

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    Kevin Brown

    If you have slow Internet it won’t help you can have the best cpu in the world with 1000gb of RAM the best tv available but if you have slow Internet it’s all for naught….

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    Mark Francis Cunningham

    Factor in where u getting your streaming content from, a overloaded server will always cause issues regardless of box

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    Michel Kloos

    Reset your modem

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    Pete Holgate

    Superbox s1pro

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    Carel Marais

    What apps to used i am struggling to get apps that work

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