What are the benefts of rooted mobile phones?

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    What are the benifts of rooted mobile phones? Can anyone explain it?


    Chetan Mandal

    You can use auto correct so you can spell root correctly

    Deňįś Đêvəļoper

    removing annoying ads on device and internet….i.e youtube ads

    un install bloatwares#un used system apps

    install user apps as system apps

    installing custom kernel

    installing custom roms(modified os)

    increasing speed….camera quality…internet speed…by editing the build.prop codes

    improving sound quality of the device

    installing hot root apps

    hacking games

    hacking wifi

    bypass premium apps

    improving battery life

    improving the apppearance if the device…(customization)

    Aman Tecn

    Not much adwantage unless u a pro hacker rooter or semi

    Seikhotheng Lhangum

    I can do anything to my rooted device like modifying OS,install custom ROM,kernel,increasing device speed,game hack,making own vip(private) host or script,hacking games like pubg,ml,coc,cod,free fire,uninstall system app.etc…….the main problem is I can’t change my processor,like SD710 to SD845 ETC…if any1 could help me in changing processor I would be very thankful….but don’t tell me to OVERLOOK my device

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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