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Trying to install Netflix but says app not supported on this device

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    Trying to install Netflix but says app no supported on this device. Please help. My device is hk1 plus with android 8.0.


    Run Away

    Try to install it from an external drive.

    Michael Hartling

    What device? Knowing that would help others help you. Saying This Device doesn’t help anyone help you.

    Adrian Porter

    Is it a netflix certified box?

    Bob Stitzenberger

    try an older version of Netflix. Or just an app like Cinema HD, which will have all the shows anyway

    Jonathan Lewis

    Why would you install Netflix on an Android Box? Do you really understand what you have

    Shan Layon

    First make your device Google certified device check this so you will get idea

    April Slaney Lawrence

    The only version of Netflix still working on android boxes is the Jan 31, 2019 release.
    If you have an android box though you don’t need Netflix, it’s just wasting space & money. Use Kodi

    Flooky Flooknation

    If you really want Netflix just get Aptoide TV app. It’s like the google play store except you can see older versions of all the apps. Netflix recently stopped working on Androids but if you install an older version it’ll work. Aptoide is the easiest place to find older versions of apks

    Damian Goode

    I can get you all the Netflix shows and movies for free.

    Aidan Macgregor

    Would reccomend cinima and stremio, far less complicated than kodi and is very netflix like with ui ect

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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