So who’s bright idea was it to get rid of fingerprint unlock?

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    So who’s bright idea was it to get rid of fingerprint unlock?

    My niece works at a bar and has had her iphone stolen a number of times and since the face rec is sub optimal, doesn’t work in bar lighting, with glasses in bar lighting she has to open with passcode – of which phone thieves watch wait and them steal the phone and get right in. This particular bar has iphone x version stolen every night.

    Not to mention the face rec doesn’t work wearing hats or if you chose to have/not have facial hair. Its these kind of acts that amaze me

    Dane Raworth

    Face unlock works in the dark. It doesn’t seem to have any trouble if I have a beard or not either. But I agree, they could have put finger print scanner on the back like Google did.

    Jeet Bhattacharyya

    So; if the ph has face unlock it is bound to get stolen and not the fact that you can’t keep your belongings safe?and all other ph manufacturers have gotten away with the fingerprint with it

    Robi Gažo

    I promise Face ID works with facial hair 😂

    Robi Gažo

    In regards to wearing glasses. If you wear glasses on and off you have to set up an alternate appearance for both when you’re wearing glasses and when you’re not.

    Robi Gažo

    It doesn’t work in the dark? Bullshit. It uses infrared for this exact purpose.

    Martin Lynch

    Never had a problem with Face ID….works great in all lighting conditions and when wearing a hat. LOL….strange sort of bar when iPhones are getting stolen every night!!

    Tumelo Godreach

    If you have a problem with iPhone then it’s simple, stop using it

    Manu Daniel

    no problem with face id in the dark i can use it everywhere
    it only scans your eye and detects your nose and mouth think about bro

    Mckayla Maureese Nicdao

    Face id uses infrared sensor lmao u don’t need the light, if u have any other accessories u usually wear on ur face, click alternate appearance

    Michael Hoaglan

    Bruce they should hire you to run the design department. I know they have been doing this for decades but you obviously know more than Apple how to design a smart phone. I Nominate Bruce to be the next CEO of Apple. Who’s with me?

    Jewels Navarro

    Who just sets their phone down???they have necklaces and all sorts of things to keep you phone safe. Wear an apron. Put in apron. It’s called keeping up with your own stuff. Not that hard.

    Clemen Miklavcic

    Faceid works with glasses and in the dark, so not sure what you are saying

    Bruce Collins

    Lastly – since we all have to wear masks and gloves – both features seem sub

    Qasim Ali

    iPhone 12 pro max design and Features

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