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So what going on with Android 11? What’s new? It seems like no one in here is excited for the new version of Android like past years. Same w

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    So what going on with Android 11? What’s new? It seems like no one in here is excited for the new version of Android like past years. Same with the upcoming Pixels. Has Google disappointed so much? Lol

    Eriel Suarez Castillo

    well, its just a mature android 10 follow up , but no visuals changes overall, thats probably why no one is talkin about it

    Cynthia C. Andres

    It seems right now there are a lot of bugs being reported by Pixel owners

    Aaron Soles

    Meh android has been good enough the past few years not much is needed I guess that’s how they think. But maybe if they ever release fuchsia it would be interesting again.

    Mike Searcy

    There’s some nice tweaks here and there. I have noticed I can’t flash magisk on my pixel xl2 since updating to 11. It bootloops, I have to flash a stock boot.img inn order to get it to boot up again.

    Rei Rei Chou

    I liked it. It isn’t a major overhaul. I just want the screenshot button back on the power button screen.

    Brian J McFlurry

    It’s supposed to fix the Android Auto bugs and make Android Auto go wireless… Which is ridiculous that’s it’s not already wireless…. Looking forward to it

    Jami’u Audu

    There’s just some minor changes to Android 10, not a big deal. Gone are the days of major UI overhaul/Revamping. Most changes on Android 11 are under the hood.

    Dereck Chartrand

    Android 9 was perfect until 10 got release and had lots of bugs and incompatibilities and not supported by lots of launcher out there.

    In conclusion, it’s meh

    KR Leitch

    Android is very refined now. Android 11 is wonderful on my Pixel 3 XL, no major issues.

    Basil Robinson

    I don’t even have One UI 2.5 yet. But I get Sammy is working on updating their newer devices first & my Note 10 Plus is further down that list especially here in the US. Hell if I get One UI 3.0 I’ll probably sh*t myself. No love for US unlocked devices…

    Edvinas Ba

    Seems like google does not make a lot of improvements anymore, so nobody should be excited about it. Improvements are minimal, but it brings a lot of bugs which google will keep fixing until new android version comes out. I would just stay at the android version which came when you bought the phone because it will work the best for you.

    Cam Pham

    Mature os, not much to change in terms of design. Thats why stock android isnt necessarily important anymore as all the innovation is in other android skins. Theres a video from techaltar on this if anyones curious i can link

    Jeff Mitchell

    No interest at all.

    I might finally get 11 in February, and even that will be accidental or because I wanted a security update.

    Ronald Bernard

    yes. I feel Google has lost their luster. The Pixel line just continues to disappoint ( to an extent) and there just really is nothing worth hyping.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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