Smartphone to choose between one plus 7 pro & Asus zenfone 6

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    I only wanted the oneplus 7 pro for it’s performance and usee interface. I think Asus zenfone 6 a great cheap alternative to the oneplus 7 pro for me as it is cheaper and I only use my phone for gaming, camera and for social media.

    Gourav Jain

    No Amoled Display + Its Front Camera Video is Shit ..stablization is good but quality is 💩 Watch mrwhoosetheboss review of zenfone 6

    Tarun Gupta

    buy realme x2 pro then if budget is an issue..

    Amit Mishra

    According to ur preferences, Zenfone 6 is good enough, the phone is giving great value for money. Amoled display is missing in ZF6 n headphone jack +battery performance +sd card support is missing in oneplus 7pro. Go for ZF6 n save ur money or buy ROG2.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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