Slow motion videos playing like superfast time-lapse videos

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    I transferred some slow motion videos (120fps) from iPhone to my Android phone. Now it’s not playing as slow motion in my phone. Instead it is playing like superfast time-lapse video. Is there anyway to play it in slow motion? (I’m using MX player)

    Sandeep Prajapati

    You Can Slow down playback TIME by Selecting SW decoder and then Click on Play

    Chandra Kant Singh Rajpoot

    Like this one, it was slow motion video, and now playing as normal video.

    Anirban Bose

    May be on that particular video player on ur iphone showing at that speed and u forgot to save it :/

    Chandra Kant Singh Rajpoot

    It was not my iPhone, my Moto Z Plays’ slow motion videos play well in iPhone but not the vice versa.

    Oussama Lahmidi

    Because iPhone doesn’t save it as slow motion video permanently in case you want it back normal, it just record a video at high frame

    Akshay Bhanushali

    So u’ll need to get one more iphne transfer in that watch in that phne… :-*

    Muhammad Rohail

    you are using MX Player just change decoder to SW . and you can control the speed of playback.

    Karthik V V Devadiga

    If sw decoder dosent work

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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