Should I upgrade from the xs max to the 11 pro max or just keep my xs max?

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    Lana Williams

    From when I was shopping, I’d keep. Unless upgrading from an 8 or lower.

    Anthony Beecher

    I got my 7 plus repaired. i was using LG Stylo 4 for the last 8 months and now coming back to iOS, from Android, I’m afraid it’s very boring. Would a newer iphone fix that?

    Michael Rabalais

    Not really. They’re all pretty much the same and boring. Did you find that the LG Stylo 4 was interesting?

    Nigel Goodson

    Wait till September,that’s what I’m doing

    Nathan Wiginton

    Keep your iPhone XS Max

    Erica Kimbrough

    Keep it

    Micah Keating Dorsey

    Ummmm YES!!!

    Michael Grantham

    Um use your brain people. The Samsung Galaxy S20 line was unveiled on February 11th and pre-orders start this Friday with certain carriers here in the US anyways. The SOC chip that powers all three of the S20 models eats the Apple A13 Bionic for lunch. It took Qualcomm basically since the 5S to outperform an apple chip, but they have and plus all Snapdragon 865 SOC’s are standard 5G. 95% of brand name Android based smartphone manufactures releasing devices this from now on will have this exact SOC under the hood. And you know Apple isn’t taking Android finally outdoing them in performing. The 865 is even more fluid and snappier compared to the A13 Bionic because it supports 90 and 120hz displays. Everything (With the exception of a couple OnePlus models and gaming Androids like the Asus ROG Phone 2 and such ) not even Samsung or Apple has anything above a pathetic 60hz refresh rate. So wait and see what Apple brings to the table because just going by the poor sales of the 11 line (they are poor compared to the price and a large percentage of iPhone 8-Xs Max owners said they’d rather keep their old phone over any 11. So Apple basically HAS to make an even more powerful device than the S20 ( not to mention the Note 20 line releasing possibly as early as this July and it will of course be even more advanced the the Galaxy model of course) or a device just as powerful which would make for one iPhone 11 Pro Max DESTROYING new iPhone if they try to even make them just as powerful as this year’s Androids 😉

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    Should I upgrade from the xs max to the 11 pro max or just keep my xs max?

    Jay Zamora

    Upgrade so that you can experience the best night mode I had encountered.

    Ciprian Mihai

    I have xs max as well . The 11 pro max has minor improvements as far as usability is concerned. I would wait the next IPhone

    Jim Litton

    I had the xs max for an year . Its an awesome phone . I updated to 11 pro . The camera is better than xsmax . I am super happy with it . The size of 11 pro is best to use while Xsmax is kind of over sized .

    Irish Busalpa

    Keep XS MAX because XS MAX’s camera is nice , beautiful and better than iPhone 11 proMax

    John Philip’s


    Ian Slade

    I did , and I don’t regret it! Better battery life by a long way, and better camera

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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