Saturday, July 24, 2021

Should I keep my Samsung s10 or trade in for a iphone 11 pro.

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    Amy Maguire

    11 pro

    Abentin Estim

    Better keep your SS10 till next year 😁

    Kristy Lee Gibson

    iPhone’s rule Samsung’s drool

    Jessica Olsen

    Trade in!

    Jecca Ordena

    Ask in the samsung page

    Trueman Den

    I always get a Samsung from my work as a work phone every single one has blown up I now only work with iPhones I have a private one and I also have work on all iPhones so I have two iPhone 11 Pro max

    Esther Queenzy Love

    Because am pro i like using ma max pro than de 11

    Neil Dyke

    11 pro all day long👍

    Cindi Mthembu

    Keep it isasesis

    Jay Mem

    Note 10 plus

    BestShot Ever

    stick with your s10 !!!!
    (update android10)

    Danielle Voiculescu

    Huawei mate 20 pro, Huawei P30 pro… Just for fun… I just tried a bunch of phones over the past 6+ months including iPhone 11 and I returned it. I also don’t like S10 camera. Samsung never seems to get the software right… I just order Huawei P30 because I really like my husband’s Mate 20 pro. Have to order third party from Amazon, but yeah. We had Huawei Mate 9 that lasted 3 years… We like Huawei Leica cameras and the battery life. Android feels far more natural to me than iPhone. iPhone seemed odd that they made you exit stuff from the top of your screen often and doesn’t always play well with non-apple apps (overheating/glitching.)

    Vicky Pratap Singh

    I hate android either its samsung s10 or any other phone..will definitely recommend iphone 11 pro

    Miller Dalleter

    Just give it to me as a gift please madaam

    Gage Wagner

    Trade it for a iPhone 11. iPhones are better and way faster

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 38 total)
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