Sunday, September 19, 2021

Should I keep my Samsung s10 or trade in for a iphone 11 pro.

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    Should I keep my Samsung s10 or trade in for a iphone 11 pro.

    Alex Dametto

    11 pro better battery, better display, better camera etc

    Tipeka Turner-Adkins

    It is all right to have two phone personal and business

    Ronald Lim

    If you would like to try iphone do not use the trade in with Apple option for your s10 the price Apple gives for their own phones or android phones are a scam I would recommend to sell your s10 first then purchase the iPhone if that is your wish

    Arun Subramanian

    having both—-is it good option

    Sander Sutherland

    11 pro

    Jonathan Waterhouse

    11 pro I had s10 plus and traded it in. I’ve never looked back

    Ivan Jaurigue

    If its pro go for it

    Jimmy Gonnelly

    11 Pro

    Angetile Mulabwa Robson

    You will regret

    Damaine Johnson

    idk they both great phones

    Vic Tor

    Get an iPhone11

    Jhon Carlo Balaba

    No filter iphone11😊

    Corner Yard Change

    11 pro >>>>>> s10.

    Rob Hughes

    I’ve got a Note 10 plus, S10 plus and the iPhone 11 Pro Max and find myself using the iPhone most of the time. The OS is easier to navigate and a lot smoother. The camera on the iPhone is way better than Samsung’s camera… Samsung can take some good shots but you have to work for them and all conditions have to be perfect and even then it’s a crapshoot if it’ll turn out good, with 11 pro max it’s simple point and shoot and you get perfect pics and the night mode on the iPhones camera blows Samsungs away. Battery life is also much, much better than that of either Samsung. Overall it’s just a much more enjoyable experience with the iPhone.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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