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Should I buy A95X MAX Plus? Any review?

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    I can’t seem to find an NVIDIA SHIELD PRO at a decent price so for right now I’m thinking about getting an A95X MAX Plus. Should I buy this tv box? Any review?

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    Dave Holway

    myself i haven’t got one in let to test but I do like the idea of the s922 cpu in it can’t wait to try it out always like the s912 in the t95z but i don’t like the price on it i find that a little to high for it

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    Jan van den Eeden

    Have a look at thesame or almost thesame Boxes at AliiExpress andlook at the specifications ánd prices !

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    Paul Crouch

    I am going to wait for a shield tbh.

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    Kevin Brown

    For the price you’d be better off waiting for the Shield Pro no disrespect to the S922x but the new improvement in the Tegra X1 make the shield Pro unbeatable that’s why as soon as they come into stock thay sell out again. All you can do is keep your ears and eyes open and be patient or pay the extra cash to get one today

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    Tyson Stevens

    Fantastic for gaming. Fantastic

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