Saturday, December 3, 2022

Samsung will destroy OnePlus’s market position with the Galaxy S20 FE

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    I have to agree. I will likely get a Pixel 5 but at this price, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a great deal for a 5G device.

    Samsung will destroy OnePlus’s market position with the Galaxy S20 FE

    When OnePlus emerged on the scene not too long ago, it branded its smartphones as “flagship killers.” The company offered specs similar to what you could find in that year’s top Android flagships at a lower price. It was able to do that by cutting costs elsewhere, such as by using less premium…

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    Bryce Anthony Capocelli

    With a plastic 1080 phone?

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    Frederic Plouviez

    Rubbish, OnePlus 8T is cheaper and better Spec

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    Frederic Plouviez

    Pixel 5 is crap , have you seen the spec of the Pixel because it’s at a high price for a mid-range chipset, they are having a laugh

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    Eddie Salgado

    It’s actually not a bad device. Flagship processor with good cameras and price.

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    Gabriel Rodriguez

    Wow that’s not bad, I’d buy this over the OnePlus 8 for sure.

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    Brett Tehowennathe Morris

    In Canada the S20 FE is just priced high at $950CAD. Not worth it in Canada. I would suggest the A71 in Canada as it’s $550 but it’s not the 5G version.

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    Nazeer Shaw

    🤣😅😄😂🍑💩 Because of Samsung’s very same position and Greedy attitudes… cause many other smaller companies like OnePlus rise to the challenge of making device that people will want to buy. affordable $$$ efficient long-lasting performance and specs with update support many improvements.. that Samsung just don’t offer to the customers or device because of power influence control Android Market… The rather make a new device every 6 months Get you to buy them with alot of bootload application for the marketing after 2 years your phone is garbage want to play ketchup Now 🤣🧐😳👎🤬

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    Tommy Rehfeld

    You can get the regular S20 cheaper

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    Jay Lyons

    Looks like a solid phone for the price. I don’t think it will steal any hard core one plus fans, but they will get a lot of people looking for a cheaper flagship who don’t know a lot about phones. That being said, I’ll keep buying Notes.

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    Adrian Torres

    Is a solid phone for the price….SD 865,120mHZ AMOLED screen, wireless charging with reverse,IP 68, stereo speakers,micro sd card,3 years of updates …..i got for $400 with a old iPhone 6s i got lol

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    Darelle Gabua

    It will destroy using $1400 device

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