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Random app installed in Android Phone, How to fix this?

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    Can anyone explain why and how apps get installed automatically with a random number?
    One of my friends found an app named “10503” in installed apps. He is too much cautious about installing apps(basically, he thinks that he’s a prime minister and everyone is trying to hack him. That’s why he wouldn’t even turn on Bluetooth, or use xender or something and most hilariously, wouldn’t plugin OTG devices). He found this app in the installed apps. What’s the matter?what are these apps ? Can anyone explain?

    Note-*I had faced this kind of issues earlier. Had to reset the device at that time. It couldn’t be uninstalled*

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    Izhan Saqib

    Check whether if its system app. If not, uninstall it

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    Milan Chowdhury

    Yesterday I was searching multiple sites for updates about Intel’s 10th desktop processors and out out nothing an unnamed app(literally there was no name just ” .apk”) downloaded and tried to install itself but my chrome doesn’t has permission to install apps so it failed 😂
    But man this spam apps are getting creepy

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    Casey Og

    I think this happens when you uninstall a app sometimes i once Uninstall a app and in the app setting there was a app with numbers and it didsapared when i reboot my phone

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    Bhaskar Jyoti Deka

    It is always recommended to use an ad blocker everywhere.

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