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Quick question please.

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    Quick question please.
    Some box have an AV output. I guess its a 2/3 ring jack -> rca cable. Does it carry audio to an external amplifier ?

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    Goh Yu Chen

    basically the AV output can be used for audio output to speakers/amplifiers

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    Tallilu Mohamm

    How can i get it

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    Ayush Sharma

    Yes, an amplifier is needed to get usable sound from RCA

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    Bob Stitzenberger

    av out is yellow, red and white RCA

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    John Quek

    Try HDMI out to TV first. Then from TV audio out to ur amp or speaker using audio AUX-Out from TV
    U may need amend some settings on TV depending on model for audio out.

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    Md Rafiqul Islam

    My android tv box power on but problem hk1series please help me

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    April Slaney Lawrence

    Has anyone ever seen (or I guess heard lol) that AV output actually work on any box?

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    David Taylor

    works on X96 boxes, have 3 of them using HDMI to TV and rca to mini plug for when i only want music playing through amp.

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    Joseph Nganga

    Ni how much

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    Mike Mainprize

    My TV speakers started having a lot of distortion so I wanted to hook up external speakers. I had these old PC speakers that were perfect 3.5 mm Jack so I hooked it to the TV Samsung d6000 series 2011 vintage the problem was you couldn’t adjust the audio output volume. You had to get up and turn the knob on the speakers when connected to the TV so I plugged it into the AV output of my x96 max box and it works great adjusting the volume of the Android box changes the volume of the speakers. There may be video but I only had a two-prong Jack or a Jack that had two connections with the ground for stereo maybe if you had a longer Jack you could have got the video also.

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    Anibal Ventura da Silva

    Got feedback from store.
    Needs appropriate jack cable to carry sound out.

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    Francis Antony


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    Francis Antony

    How many channel can get

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    Anibal Ventura da Silva

    Needs to be
    Jack RCA 2.5mm

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