Tuesday, January 25, 2022

OnePlus 8 5G vs. S20

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    Sorry but this is not a good ad lol
    The s20 looks better

    [fb_vid id=”photo_id”:”599058130972037″”][fb_vid id=”599058130972037″]

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    Tomas Capolongo

    Tmobile? hahahaha

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    Carlo Rodriguez

    Tbh they’re both good but it’s just preference. The s20 looks more warm and saturated while the OnePlus looks way more natural with vivid colors and better exposure. I edit on photoshop a lot since I like to take pictures and it would be a pain editing the s20s picture because of the weird color.

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    Cam Pham

    Idk why they used a super subjective looking photo for an ad lmao

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    Arlos Mendez

    I mean, the S20 looks warmer. And is slightlyyy better exposed. But spend 1 minute in light room tweaking 2 knobs and they’ll be indistinguishable. Not worth the extra $300 if you ask me.

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    Logan Danes

    They clearly used Portrait Mode on the OnePlus photo, just look at the strands of hair that have been blurred out completely. Not a good ad lmao

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    Aren Thomas

    the S20 looks crap to me it’s too light in the skin tone

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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