Mobile connected to WiFi but Internet using Data Connection

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    Does anyone know the reason behind this? I have connected WIFI to max pro m1 n its using my data like hell, it have taken 370MB n still goes on. I haved checked wifi data usage also still no clue.😔

    Dean Morter

    Are you using WiFi+ as that automatically switches between WiFi and mobile data so it always receives the best connection quality.

    Mayank Chauhan

    Are you using official pie?
    Use custom roms instead

    Mohammad Zeeshan Qazi

    Download glasswire app it will show real tim data usage and which app is consuming your data

    Jeff Graham

    In dev options there’s a setting to keep mobile data always on. Might check that.

    Hanumant Mittal

    Probably your automatic updates are on!

    Rohan Mishra

    are you using some kind of keylogger or backup app….. it can also be a sign of hacking.

    Jahid Sarkar

    Well…it might be backing up videos and photos in Google photos, updating apps taking system level backups in Google drive…..there’s a lot

    Deepak Yadav

    Force stop all the apps running in the background ,in short stop all the services in the ram

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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