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Is there any difference between made in India and made in China product?

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    Is there any difference between made in India and made in China product? Asking this with reference to Xiaomi Mi A1.


    Deepanjan Maity


    Purushothaman J

    not at all. both are going to explode

    Vijeth Gowda

    No it’s not true in case of mia1

    Sai Paban Pattanaik

    Same processor is used it will explode..

    Karthik V V Devadiga

    All the parts are bought from china assembled in india
    So its made in china

    Sajal Kumar

    Both can be used to celebrate diwali !!

    Ankush Chugh

    The partitions on mi A1 india is different from those on mi 5x chinese varient.
    Developers tried flashing the A1 Android one rom on 5x and ended up in bootloop because of the partition scheme difference, may require an edited ramdisk, but yes hardware is same.

    (ramdisk is part of kernel, where partitions are interfaced, and the software get access to those as system/boot/cache and other partitions.)

    After knowing this some developers have successfully ported the rom, but this is a port, they had to make changes in it to boot it on mi 5x.

    Shivam Sethi

    Both are cracker alternatives.

    Siddharth Bose

    yes chinise one doesnt have google apps as its banned there other than its default is set as cantonese and mandrian. other than that no difference at all.By the way smartphone of mi(applies to all mi models) are first launched there.

    Abhinav Sarkar

    No phones are made in India it is Assembled In India …. And The Only difference is OS itself

    Sagar Raghuvanshi

    Both have different stickers on backside and both Stickers imported from China

    Prinu John Philip

    Difference is
    one is made in China Assembled in India
    other is made in China Assembled in China

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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