Is the front display of the iPhone 11 pro max easy scratchable?

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    Is the front display of the iPhone 11 pro max easy scratchable?

    Vicky Price

    No the silver band is on the side is u go for the silver and white one is thou

    Nabajyoti Choudhury

    Using screen protector. Not taking any chances 😊

    Luke Schaefer

    Paid $1500 for my ProMax. didn’t get screen protector. Took it snowboarding many times and lost it in snow many times. Have dropped it many times. Yes the screen scratches. I have scratches all over. Good thing is that you can just turn the amazing Oled screen all the way up in brightness (it gets extremely bright) and boom no more visible scratches! Doesn’t bother me!

    Dane Raworth

    There’s not much can scratch it as the glass is really hard. Your worst enemy is sand. It has the hardness and gets everywhere. Girls you can scratch with a diamond or sapphire ring too

    Brian Milan

    I have an iPhone 11 Pro 256 gig for sale. No dents scratches cracks or gouges. Asking 850

    Marcus Sam Pell Björn

    I would say no 🤷🏼‍♂️ i have it bags, pockets, drawers and so on.. no scratches after 4 months. The key is to avoid KEYS 🔑 AT ALL COST lol

    Douglss Fredriksen

    I’d say yea if ur comparing to an android counterpart iPhones just pick up more scratches easily

    Andrew Paul

    Yes I use soft napkin on screen to wipe it due to I’m outside a lot and don’t want to pick up bacteria on the phone and what u know i got a little scratch on the screen from wiping it smh phone only a month old u would think u pay so much for a phone and think it wouldn’t scratch that easy

    Dennis Svt


    Bianca Rayos

    So what you won’t have it forever

    Lara Rose

    Also dropped mine from about 3ft on a pavement, with a glass screen protector on and a wrap around case and it smashed to smitherines – expensive mistake

    Filip Zelenka

    Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

    Kranti Koganti

    If you get a shock absorbing cover, believe me you will avoid many issues. Your resale value of your phone will be very good 🙂

    Teresa Ware

    I put Tech Armor Ballistic glass on mine the day it arrives. Been doing this for every iPhone, including my 11Pro Max. I don’t take chances….but I wonder too…

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