Is it a wise decission to switch to an IPhone 11/11 Pro?

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    I am currently considering to switch from Android to an iPhone 11/11 Pro. I have always been an android user and I am a bit hesitant to make the switch. Any comments/suggestions from others who actually switched from Android to Apple?


    Tony Tressler

    I have an 11 pro max, note 10+ 5G, OnePlus 7 pro and a google pixel 4 xl and I still use the iPhone. The other ones just aren’t as well rounded

    Jonas Ziebold

    I switched from Android to the iPhone 11 Pro, I owned an iPhone 4S back in the days. I don’t regret it.

    Suleman Saadat Khan

    People who don’t want any excitement in life should use IPhone. Though I am also using 11 pro Max and using I phone since 2g. But when ever I use my wife’s android I believe it has all, from downloading paid apps for free from downloading videos and music in the memory to chainring the setting s of your choice where as iOS limits it users from doing that. But I cannot leave iOS as I feel relaxed.

    Marco Gaglia

    Let’s start by saying that Android is way less secure than iPhone. Apps you download from the playstore aren’t reviewed and checked, whereas Apple takes several months to analyze the app, resulting in a way more controlled and safe experience for the user.

    If you build your ecosystem (iPhone,  watch, mac, iPad etc) it’s just a better experience. Everything syncs and works perfectly. Android is nowhere near 🙂

    If you keep your phone for 3-4 years do expect all major updates, which often bring some good optimizations to the table (see iPhone SE, iPhone 6s on iOS 13). Most android phones get a couple of updates (late by the way) and then that’s it, they’re forgotten.

    Krjie Naliponguit Jr.

    Went from a Lenovo phone in 2014 to iPhone 6 to 7 Plus and now on Xs Max

    Krjie Naliponguit Jr.

    Theres nothi ng to worry about just the lack of customization 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Dane Raworth

    Went from a pixel to the pro max. Regretted it for months. Got used to it now but if I hadn’t bought an apple watch I would have got rid.

    KN Basilio

    Good decision bro. Enjoy ios by apple

    Vicky Pratap Singh

    Once you use ios you will never return to android..

    Kenzo Cabbab Cera

    Take this from me. My first phone I ever bought when I got my job was Cherry flare s3 an android phone then after a year I bought Iphone 5s. I really loved that phone since it was my first ever iphone form an old Cherry Mobile phone. After 1 year I switch back to android which is Samsung J7 prime. I almost forgot that I am used with iphone because of the amazing performance and screen of the j7 since it is larger than the 5s. But there is still the vibes of this IOS in me that I cannot removed so after a year I switched back again to iphone 6 plus. Loving this this again because it has great camera and same as the large screen of my j7 before after a year I got bored again ang bought Samsung Galaxy Note 8 here it almost changes me the way i think about IOS. Note phones of samsung are dope! That I almost forget about how goos IOS was. Camera customizable and everything in note is almost perfect but then again my mind always think about ios. The simplicity of it! It is true that if you are in the community of ios it is hard to go off that is why after a year I changed my phone ito Iphone XS MAX and I dunno what will be the next phone on my hand. But as of today since the day I bought this I am still inloved with this phone. But th way I still have my Note 8 it is still a great phone. I used it for video editing.

    Chad Aucutt

    I was a diehard Android fan. I had every Samsung S1 to S10 Minus the S7.

    I switched to iPhone 11 Pro Max last Wednesday and at first I was like I made a mistake and I can tell you now I made a great choice. The battery is amazing. It runs very smooth and so much more.

    A few down sides is that customizing the home screen isn’t an option (like putting the icons just around the edges) and not having a spot for Micro SD card.

    Colbye McNair Richmond

    Don’t do it. I regret the day I bought the iPhone 11s BOGO. Had the S10+ since the day it launched. My daughter wanted an iPhone for Christmas, so I did the BOGO deal, and gave the other to my MIL…. she HATED iPhone and within 2 weeks, I had no choice but to switch phones with her. I’m counting down the days til I can upgrade to get my Android back. The ONLY positive to the iPhone is the the facial recognition for passwords. BUT, I think my S10+ did that too and I just had it disabled. The camera is LITERAL garbage. I hate this phone

    Kim Sauve McMahon

    I’m switching from iPhone to Samsung. My S10 is arriving today. You’ll have no freedom with iPhone. Can’t wait to get my Samsung back ❤️

    Robert Brian Corbitt

    I was in the same boat. Do it, but take your time to learn iOS. YouTube is your friend. I don’t regret it, yes there are thing I love and some not so much. But overall i like it.

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