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iPhone xs still worthy to buys un 2020 and how screen time getting ??

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    iPhone xs still worthy to buys un 2020 and how screen time getting ??

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    NY Walid

    Get the 11 much better battery life and better camera

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    Arsalan Hashmi

    I am using xs trust me except for battery life nothing will dissapoint you, display quality is wayy better than 11 or xr camera is superb

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    Kajong Elcullada Betantos


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    Sander Sutherland

    Buy iphone 11

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    Ibrahim Amino

    Xs a best 💪💪😎

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    NY Walid

    Iphone 11 battery life

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    Mark Dorrian

    If u like the camera iPhone 11 Pro Max it is

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    Hamlet Bin Raheem

    Look I got both xs max and 11 pro max all in all both are good almost the same battery life on the 11 pro max is amazing with the xs max am getting 5-6-7 hrs sot camera wise only the wide angle lens differ as per me. As of xs I don’t this is worth it in 2020 base on battery life that device battery is crap. Check the price of both xs and 11 if there’s isn’t big difference better go for the 11. Screen resolution on the 11 isn’t that too xs is more premium than the 11 that’s the only think I can tell you as of now

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    Hamid Jawad

    I recomend you buy iphone x or 11 isntead 🙂

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    Jishnu Sreenath

    Ofcourse it is worthy to buy XS in 2020.
    You can use it flawlessly for the next 4 years

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    Zinedin Causevic

    Yep , its worth it.

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    Sabari Sabs

    Y bro ur using iPhone 11 na

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    Ariel Licayan Mapalo

    Hello fellows. I have XS here and been reviewing several times, XS is better than XR and 11 specifically the oled screen, stainless steel frame, dual camera with IS in both lenses (but its up to u zoom in XS or ultrawide in 11).
    Of course 11 is more faster but do u really use its capability?
    Honestly, longer battery and night mode is my only concern in XS, but u can settle these by buying a good powerbank and downloading Neural Night camera app.
    Hope this will help in ur decision.

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    Kim Mãree

    I have xs max for business phone and just got 11 for personal phone. I actually like the 11 as it’s a comfortable size and weight and I find the screen looks nicer than the xs max.

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