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iphone 11 pro max or samsung s10 + which has best camera?

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    iphone 11 pro max or samsung s10 + which has best camera?

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    Dallas T Durden

    iPhone it’s has 3 cameras

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    Sreenivasan Variyambath

    I experienced both, i liked 11Pro

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    Ron Hess

    I own both !

    For video quality and bit rate : iPhone. Easily wins

    For video features like live focus while in video : S10+ wins

    Photography : it’s a draw. They both perform similarly ….

    The features for photography tho , I’d have to say iPhone. Long exposure mode , hdr is better , Live Photos is better.

    The amount of quality editing programs is better in Apple. By far.

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    Emre Gül

    İphone 11 pro max

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    Awat Kamal

    11 pro max

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    Adrian Muycelo

    What is a samsung s10+?

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    Born Before Birth

    But in Sweden I can buy iPhone 11 pro max for 1600 dollars and Samsung galaxy s 10 plus for 700 dollars and why this big difference?

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    Rob Hughes

    I have both and also the Note 10 plus and the iPhone camera is by far superior. The Samsung’s have nice and more saturated colors so pictures ‘pop’ a little more while the iPhone delivers colors that are natural and truly represent what your eyes see. Motion blur is almost nonexistent on the Samsung’s where the iPhone handles it very well…add in deep fusion technology and the iPhone is ahead by a mile

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    Dane Raworth

    It’s an iPhone page so likely there’s some bias. Coming from a pixel I can’t say I’m overly impressed. As a camera my pixel took better pics easier and quicker. Video the pro max is better. Can’t speak for sammys though.

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    Corner Yard Change

    Don’t make us laugh
    Definitely 11pro max

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    Angetile Mulabwa Robson

    Samsung Galaxy S10 plus!

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    Rowena Lyn

    both has best camera.. it’s hard to decide😂mine i brought note9 and i11pro 😅😅

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    Naitsirhc Obmil

    got n9 and i11pmax

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    Patrick Trass

    iPhone will always win.

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