Unable to install wookie for kodi

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    I think i messed up. I unistall kodi and reinstalled it. Then i went to install wookie and i put my path in i tried 2 paths then went to add on and install from zip but when i ckick on wookie it take me to a blank page like a folder with nothing in it. I tried both paths but it wont downlad wookie any ideas?


    Amber Lynn

    No help here. I’ve never heard of wookie before?
    I use kodi and urls for that app.

    Tammy Terry

    google it or you tube it and it will walk you through how to add it back

    Blair Capar

    Wookie is having nothing but issues

    Brenda Bug Hoppes

    What can i install on kodi if i dont put wookie on it? Im new to the box and it came with wookie but i messed it up trying to update it.

    Blair Capar

    There are other builds or u can just add addons that u want

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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