Friday, May 7, 2021

I still need to buy a andriod box. I want to know what one is the most reliable.

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    Jacques Symington

    Kry n Google certified box, ekt n Mi Box S , was nog nie spyt nie. Jy kan my PM as jy wil chat, gebruik die tv boxies al vir 6 jaar. Hey skoolgeld betaal

    Robert Sill

    My Nvidia Shield (not 4K), I put 256 Gig stick in USB port. I hate buffering, but I found I can use automatic download manager (ADM) app to download multiple movies/shows and watch them later. (Zion,Cyberflx, etc). Works great, just gotta mind your space and delete things (or transfer to network drive). Bluetooth connects everything such as tablets, phones, game controller, remote, keyboard/mouse thingy, etc. I can transfer files, too. Let’s me take movies on the road on my tablet (just did that with movie “Gentleman”). I put movies on a second stick in other USB port and “loan em” to friends. I play Fortnite with GeForce without problems, though I hear cloud gaming world is in turmoil about it. Was well worth initial cost.❤️

    Sheikh Ali

    Get Mi box. If you’ve got more bucks, get Nvidia shield.

    Bill Winters

    X96mini is ok but x96max is alot better box and get the 4gb/64gb box

    Tyson Stevens

    Don’t waste your time on the 1gb 8gb. Get the 2gb 16gb. You’ll be fine. Keep cache clean and force stop to close apps properly. It’s a great cheap box for about a year in a half maybe 2

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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