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I love using my iPhone 11 Pro Max without a screen protector..

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    I love using my iPhone 11 Pro Max without a screen protector..

    Is that too risky of me?

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    Yessenia Maurás

    Ask yourself in the mirror

    Is it risky ?

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    Vicky Pratap Singh

    Not at all just one fall and then screen protector will be applied

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    Aron Je

    Rich man

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    Richard Salazar

    If you have Apple care then don’t worry but otherwise I would use any type of case for it.

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    Mustafa Hasan- Shamim

    Check this out form C|net:

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    Alex Dametto

    That’s fine but it will get some scratches

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    Todor Videv

    Get a glass protector asap

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    Neil Dyke

    Ive never ever had screen protectors on any of my iphones from 3gs upwards, im to caerfull and keep my iphone in a pouch,
    Never out of all the models ive had had a screen protector!👍
    When i sell every year to get new iphone screens as new…
    Dont put iphone in pocket with money or keys etc use a pouch, purchased mine on amazon 22 quid leather and alcatara..made in germany 2 year warranty👌🏻
    And never ever dropped a iphone touch wood..

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    Carolyn Cooper Roberts

    For $50, it is absolutely well worth it. I am very careful with my phones…but got a crack in the protector on the phone I just traded in…

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    Duet B. Vixaythong

    This one is a full coverage one it doesn’t have the cutout , it goes over the whole screen and bezels. You can’t even see that it’s there.

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    Robert Alexander

    Depends on your situation

    I’m doing same

    I probably have a much higher risk than you

    My wife on other hand
    Can nick anything you for no apparent reason

    Judge according

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    Ken Forgy

    I had to have my screen replaced due to deep scratches on the screen. I now use a screen protector.

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    Wouter Palm

    Yeah it is. A screen protector save’s the screen of the iPhone by falling on a hard floor. Better a screen protector thats damaged than a screen.

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    Paul Kas

    … ” Is it risky.? ”
    Are you for real.? What a dumb question!

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