Thursday, September 23, 2021

I love using my iPhone 11 Pro Max without a screen protector..

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    I love using my iPhone 11 Pro Max without a screen protector..

    Is that too risky of me?

    Yessenia Maurás

    Ask yourself in the mirror

    Is it risky ?

    Vicky Pratap Singh

    Not at all just one fall and then screen protector will be applied

    Aron Je

    Rich man

    Richard Salazar

    If you have Apple care then don’t worry but otherwise I would use any type of case for it.

    Mustafa Hasan- Shamim

    Check this out form C|net:

    Alex Dametto

    That’s fine but it will get some scratches

    Todor Videv

    Get a glass protector asap

    Neil Dyke

    Ive never ever had screen protectors on any of my iphones from 3gs upwards, im to caerfull and keep my iphone in a pouch,
    Never out of all the models ive had had a screen protector!👍
    When i sell every year to get new iphone screens as new…
    Dont put iphone in pocket with money or keys etc use a pouch, purchased mine on amazon 22 quid leather and alcatara..made in germany 2 year warranty👌🏻
    And never ever dropped a iphone touch wood..

    Carolyn Cooper Roberts

    For $50, it is absolutely well worth it. I am very careful with my phones…but got a crack in the protector on the phone I just traded in…

    Duet B. Vixaythong

    This one is a full coverage one it doesn’t have the cutout , it goes over the whole screen and bezels. You can’t even see that it’s there.

    Robert Alexander

    Depends on your situation

    I’m doing same

    I probably have a much higher risk than you

    My wife on other hand
    Can nick anything you for no apparent reason

    Judge according

    Ken Forgy

    I had to have my screen replaced due to deep scratches on the screen. I now use a screen protector.

    Wouter Palm

    Yeah it is. A screen protector save’s the screen of the iPhone by falling on a hard floor. Better a screen protector thats damaged than a screen.

    Paul Kas

    … ” Is it risky.? ”
    Are you for real.? What a dumb question!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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