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HTC Phones – From Biggest Smartphone Maker to Nothing!

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    A little history…

    HTC Phones – From Biggest Smartphone Maker to Nothing!

    HTC was an absoloutly influenial smartphone brand, but over the years, they've gone from number one to zero. What exactly happened? In this video we explore …

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    Jordan Starling

    Sad story

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    CJ Bixby

    Had 3 htc phones loved incredible 2 and m9, had so many problems with the one x

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    Armando Gonzalez

    Good Video. I owned the HTC G1, HTC EVO , and HTC inspire back in the day.

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    Chris Thao

    HTC had something with the m7 and m8. Then they kind of just shot themselves in the foot. M8 was my second smartphone ever too

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    Jordan Chambers

    My first real smart phone was a htc eris and loved it, then tried htc agian with the u ultra and wasn’t bad but battery life was my issue with it along with alot of bugs. I’ve had many phones so far the galaxy s5 or zte mate 7 or the Moto z3 I’m running now that replaced my S10 and note 9(too fragile cracked both) have been my favorite.

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    Pete Lerma

    Htc 10 was the best phone by far, great design and premium build. Shit I’d buy it again if it came with Android 10.

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    Jay Holm

    So sad🥺😨👎!!!

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    Jay Christian

    Use to have one but switched to Samsung then LG

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    Alvarez Junior

    HTC 10 i used to love that phone

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    Chimaobi Madukwe

    Snapdragon (West) killed HTC using sd810.. Second bullet came in when the west took Dr Dre’s tech out from HTC… It was a conspiracy…

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    Chimaobi Madukwe

    Since Taiwan had nothing to offer to the west, they killed their key product HTC.. HTC died cos it had no mutual market. Something that drives world economy…

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    Chimaobi Madukwe

    Fucking planet filled with stupid humans

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    KR Leitch

    I loved my HTC phones up through the original One. Now the bulk of former HTC engineers work on Google Pixel phones, so the legacy lives on.

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    Michael Stiffler

    Thunderbolt, One (M7), the 10, U11. No issues other than the purple camera on the M7, which was fixed under warranty.

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