How do I get rid of this???

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    How do I get rid of this???

    I did remove one Netflix app I had downloaded yesterday..

    Noufil Barrios

    Hue hue hue….. don’t watch too much porn 🤭

    Bobby Gray

    App manager clear data then disable chrome an reenable

    Daniel Solomon

    Better to hard reset your phone brother just to be safe. They’re might be a hidden app running without you notice and your bank account could be hack for example

    Mok Chu Zhen

    No need to hard reset the phone.
    Just follow the video below to clear the data for Chrome is enough.

    One more thing as a reminder. Any website that you visit may ask your permission to send you notification, you will have to DENY all of them whenever they asked to send you notification. This is not virus but you just accidentally allow that website to notify you.

    Siddiq Ahmad

    All the notification blocking or uninstalling are just temporary fix. You might face a lot of battery drain, CPU overheat etc. Hard reset is the only safe and easy option.

    Alex Akgun

    This is the best app, gets rid of everything for you. Excellent.

    Andrew Lewis

    You enabled notifications from a website on Chrome that you shouldn’t have. Just sort through the permissions for that or nuke them and the problem will be fixed

    Kenny Francisco

    Someone doesn’t use incognito mode while perusing certain pages 🤣🤣🤣

    Fendi Laurie

    clear data in ur chrome browser. i think its under privacy in the tab

    Lokesh Jain

    Clear all permissions and data for nbryb. com

    Chukwudi Solomon

    Clear chrome data

    Jordan Parchment

    Damn your phone got corona

    Navdeep Singh Salaria

    Clear history of all time and site cookies of chrome guarantee it will work

    Jonny Ortiz

    Stop clicking accept on websites that ask for you to receive notificationa

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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