Honestly.. is the iPhone 11 max pro worth it?

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    Honestly.. is the iPhone 11 max pro worth it?
    I’m planning on getting one!

    I’m running a iPhone 8 Plus

    Isaac Harris

    I don’t know about the iPhone 8 but I stepped away from Apple and iPhone and went to android for a couple years, the last one I had was an iPhone 7, this iPhone 11 Pro Max blows it away

    Krjie Naliponguit Jr.

    Nah wait for September for the new iPhone 12 cause their redesigning it and shrinking the notch

    Sebastian Platt

    Wait until September

    Chan Estrella Villapando

    I have an 8 plus and used it for 2 yrs now before purchasing an ip11 pro max. I think youd better wait till iphone 12 is released . ☺️ theres nothing much that i can see that improved. When my 8 plus does can still can take good quality of photos aside from the capability of super wide .

    Bubber Sher

    Keep the 8 plus until 12 release.

    Voenid Dasti

    Wait !

    Daniel Lopez

    No!!!! Don’t put limits on yourself, be all you can be!!! And have some steak!!

    Abdul Haddi

    Wait until September

    Benny Salaman

    It’s more than worth it! Exceeds expectations! We have a few, check us out!

    Joao Redol

    Very good, the only problem is the weight. Very heavy

    Darcy Oake

    iPhone 7+ price?

    Nick Santiago

    Edgar im sure the iPhone 8 Plus can handle 1 or 2 iOS updates

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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