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Honest opinion: how would u rate ur experience with Apple iPhones over the years???

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    Honest opinion: how would u rate ur experience with Apple iPhones over the years???

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    Shantell Johnson

    5 only because a friend of mine let me use his to figure out something he was trying to do. That was a iPhone 8plus

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    Alex Dametto

    Pretty good never had a issue beside a slight problem on my 6s plus but that happened after 4 years

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    Logan Mahan

    100% satisfied. 10 out of 10. I think I have owned every model iPhone except the 11.

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    Justin T Whitman

    Had every iPhone since the 5 , never had a problem

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    Duet B. Vixaythong

    They need to bring back the iPhone 4s size but full screen to body ratio

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    Sander Sutherland

    I love it, BUT i am going to switch to s20 ultra

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    JayBee Parnaso

    Well, it’s been 2 months. So far I’m loving it.
    – Former Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user.

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    Udeanu Dan Catalin

    Best environment, Best paid Apps, Best looks, Best recyclable materials..
    I remember the days when it was the first in the world with a 64bit cpu, and nobody will ever have a Gpu Core like them !

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    Sweetie Stashia

    I did ordered 11 pro but I returned it and switched to pixel 4xl. I was a life long iPhone users but got obsessed with my Pixel flagship. I am replacing my old iPad with pixel slate or book. I am so excited.

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    Gürhan Özkara

    I had iPhone 4 for 6 years and switched to android since then.Now I bought an 11 pro and somehow it feels like I came back to home 😀 and I think I will never go Android again …I dunno

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    John Erick Anda


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    Peggy Gill


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    Rob Hughes

    I’ve had every iteration of iPhone since they came out and last year decided to try android and not only bought the S10 plus when it came out but also the Note 10 plus… they were fun to dunk around on for awhile, the ability to truly customize the androids was a nice little gimmick for a few days but it lost its novelty quickly and the whole user experience, while not entirely terrible still left a lot to be desired compared to iPhone/iOS… I bought an 11 pro max when they debuted and after using it I have all but shelved my androids as the android user experience just doesn’t compare to using buttery smooth iOS and despite some features that are actually pretty cool on the android(split screen) that Apple needs to implement on the iPhone. My experience with iPhone has always been a 10 out of 10… we’ll see what next months android flagship brings though

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    Sean O’Halloran

    Had nothing but problems with 11 pro max was one of the first to get it back in November and had a lot of problems with software and Apple Music not loading and freezing

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