Google says Pixel sales are down, blames ‘pressures’ in premium segment

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    What do you yall think? Any pixel users?

    Google says Pixel sales are down, blames ‘pressures’ in premium segment

    It seems like sales of the Pixel 3 series didn't live up to the Pixel 2 duo. Could the Pixel 3a turn the tide for Google?

    Sean Thomas

    I love my 3XL

    Andrew Mercier

    My pixel 2 xl is still so good for me that I didn’t need to upgrade to the 3, it’s almost a case of our last phone was too good that they didn’t need the current one. I look forward to the 4 tho

    Alex Cox

    I’d definitely have one if it had expandable storage

    KR Leitch

    I like my 3 XL 128 GB. I bought it at $550, not $1000. The fast OS and security updates, camera, and overall experience offset the ginormous notch. I ditched an LG V series phone that never got timely updates and probably never will.

    Bojan Stojmilovic

    All premium phone sales are down. Most likely due to prices. I learned my lesson, I bought a Pixel 3XL on launch day and it’s been like $200 off since Black Friday. I’ll def never buy on launch day again.

    Issam Inane

    i probably bought one if it had headphone jack i don t think the design is very bad

    Jordan Dilworth

    Expandable storage, cheaper price and needs to be available on every carrier, not exclusively for Verizon. I’d have bought one by now if it wasn’t for that

    Fernando Ruvalcava

    I love my pixel 3 xl was it worth the almost $1,000 idk when there the s9 and iPhone Xmax idk camera is the best but it does lack features.

    Carts Elemieux

    Maybe because they keep trying to copy iPhone, first the headphone jack, now the atrocious notch. Google, you have the best R+D dept in the business, you nicked all of Motorola’s staff, fucking sort it out

    Jae Veal

    Id love one but no jack :/

    John Ochoa

    I blame prices and simplicity

    Joseph A. Kitts

    I blame that god awful notch on the XL

    Thomas Pye

    I just think its crap. It’s ugly, it’s bland, it’s boring.

    Camera isn’t half bad and the updates are fast but apart from that it’s not the best.

    KR Leitch

    Apple is down in sales too. It’s market saturation.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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