Sunday, September 19, 2021

For those who afre worried about battery health on iPhone 11 pro & 11 pro max

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    For those of you worrying about battery health on your new 11pro/ 11pro max iPhones. Although battery degradation is completely normal, the degradation in going to be worse on these phones do to the fact that we are constantly using a higher watt fast charger. Not only is your phone going through a charging cycle more often, but these chargers create more heat which leads to battery quicker degradation of the battery. My iPhone 11 Pro is only 1.5 months old and the battery health is at 94%. My iPhone 10, which I purchased at the same exact time has a battery health is still at 100%. I use one as my work phone and one as my personal phone, and I almost ALWAYS charge them at the same time for the same amount of time. The only difference is that I use the 18w charger for my 11pro and the 5w charger for my 10. I hope this helps.

    Martin Lynch

    I thought that regardless of that charger was used that the phone ‘throttled’ the charging power to 7.5W. I use an Anker 18W power brick for my pro max and have had no problems at all. 100% after 2.5 months. No heating up while charging either.

    Amr Ashraf Mostafa

    Using the phone while charging is the main reason that kills the battery health faster

    Dariusz Wojcik

    Bought on launch day. Charging every day with 18w charger from around 20% to 100% overnight.

    Tshepo Masuga

    True. I charge mine from 20% every 2 days & it produces more heat up to 80% then cools down from 80% to 100%.

    Allen Whatley

    Battery issues don’t bother me. My last iPhone, mid life had got a new battery. So what, it’s a tool, use it and maintain it like you would your vehicle. Not every battery is made exactly the same either.

    John Barrett

    What does Apple have to say about this?

    سفيان عبد العظيم

    Thank you👍🏻

    Rebecca Milunas
    Patrick Trass

    I have iPhone 11 I don’t use the 18w charger or the 5w I use a 12 watt charger from an iPad it charges my phone in just about an hour and no issues with battery life.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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