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Droid buddy’s.

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    Droid buddy’s.

    I download images from my chrome and cannot locate them in my downloads in my files.

    Where and how I can I find this?

    [fb_vid id=""]

    Eddie Salgado

    Following because I also have that same issue. I just use different browser for downloading images now.

    Krissy Nadine

    I don’t like when I cannot find files downloaded, I know it takes up space. but can’t find to delete!

    Krissy Nadine

    Just found out, voice notes are saved too! Ugh. Had to delete those

    Shane Jewitt

    Use ES file explorer and look again. Maybe they’re saved in a different “Download” folder or something. I say ES file explorer because it shows far more in terms of file directories.

    Personally I only use Samsung browser but I do have chrome.
    Watch my video to see where or choose where to store.

    I support all Samsung devices and have done for many years.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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