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Droid buddy’s.

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    Droid buddy’s.

    I download images from my chrome and cannot locate them in my downloads in my files.

    Where and how I can I find this?

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    Eddie Salgado

    Following because I also have that same issue. I just use different browser for downloading images now.

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    Krissy Nadine

    I don’t like when I cannot find files downloaded, I know it takes up space. but can’t find to delete!

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    Krissy Nadine

    Just found out, voice notes are saved too! Ugh. Had to delete those

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    Shane Jewitt

    Use ES file explorer and look again. Maybe they’re saved in a different “Download” folder or something. I say ES file explorer because it shows far more in terms of file directories.

    Personally I only use Samsung browser but I do have chrome.
    Watch my video to see where or choose where to store.

    I support all Samsung devices and have done for many years.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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