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Does flashing/installing twrp recovery mean rooting the device as well?

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    I’m new to rooting and I hope someone can help me here.

    So I am able to boot to Philz Touch Recovery on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-237P. If I can boot into that recovery, does that mean my phone successfully got rooted? I used Odin to install Philz Touch Recovery.

    Yup, I messed up and don’t have an operating system. Some of the ROMs installed but my tablet didn’t boot into them. I’m having a hard time finding an appropriate ROM, and it’s because I’m not familiar with most of the working ROMs. I tried several of them.

    Can someone please help me find a ROM and give me some guidance? Thanks.

    Seikhotheng Lhangum

    But these group for root user

    Seikhotheng Lhangum

    No bro booting into custom recovery doesn’t mean your device is rooted……
    Steps goes like this in every device
    First *unlock bootloader
    Second *custom recovery (Twrp,Cwm,orange,philz)etc
    Third *Rooting by flashing Root flashable files via custom recovery(Twrp,cwn,orange,phiz)etc,
    Not sure for samsung

    Bad English I hope you understand

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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