Monday, August 2, 2021

Does 18W adapter reduces battery health of 11 Pro or 11? Please advise

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    Does 18W adapter reduces battery health of 11 Pro or 11?

    Please advise

    Neil Cañedo


    Hamlet Bin Raheem

    That’s exactly what I was thinking 11pro/max battery health drop very fast even the Xs Max with a poor battery life got better health than the 11 pro

    Anthony Dauer

    No, but the 30W may be the cause of the problems that led me to have two 2018 iPad Pro 11” replaced by Apple at their cost. I switched back to the 18W.

    Ameer Ali Shahani

    Actually no one knows the exact answer of this question
    But I guess it reduces battery health with time

    Joe Doherty

    I think does. According to the reports they say it don’t.

    Dane Raworth

    No. Apple spend millions developing hardware.
    I’ve only ever used the fast chargers. One from my old phone and the other that Apple supplied.

    Umang Jee

    You can plug even macbook charger into iPhone, phone is designed to take required power only.

    Martin Lynch

    You can use any charger…the phone ‘throttles’ the charge to what is required and will not allow it to exceed 7.5W

    Rendi Irawan

    Cek harga

    Huzefa Kanchwala

    Subscribe and share screenshot

    Aman Hossain

    I just brought 11 Pro yesterday. But earlier I used XS Max and I used around 9 months. But my battery health was 100%. But I am not sure about 18W charger 🔌.

    Zafar Khan

    No,I’m using 18w charger for my XS Max.

    Erick Tavares

    Nope. I have the iPhone 11 and I Use the fast charger every time to charge my phone and I have 5 months using my phone and it’s 99% of battery life 🔌

    Huzefa Kanchwala

    Watch 1 min subscribe and share screenshot, then i will do the same

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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