Sunday, August 1, 2021

Dang sh!t ain’t fair

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    Dang 🤦 sh!t ain’t fair

    Jordan Starling

    The harsh truth of the used phone market in the US. iPhone or bust

    Eddie Salgado

    Samsungs lose value quickly.

    Mike Searcy

    Iphones are basically the Harley of the phone world. Doesn’t matter if it’s old outdated tech it still retains value

    Kenisha Hill

    That’s sheer stupidity but that’s the world

    Josh Liles

    Samsung will give u 700 for it trade in

    Aaron Soles

    You can sell it for more than that

    Dilly Gustavo Ngobeni

    Apple continues to offer support for their devices and continue manufacturing them, On Samsung once newer models comes out they stop manufacturing the older ones which devalues a product. Apple also offers 5 years of device support, you can still easily get original parts for a 5 year old phone.

    Zac Webb

    That’s Apple for you. After all these years of keeping their products the same prices for years and not having sales they’ve estsblish them selve’s as their have a higher market value for no apparent reason just like digital skins in games.

    Crown Heights

    It’s like comparing cars some hold value and some don’t

    Philip Goode

    Could one say colour has an effect on value? #goldvsblack

    Matthew Hayes

    Correct assessment. Samsung’s don’t get future updates half as long as Apple.

    Jack Booyle

    Samsung phones age like milk

    William Alexander Abama

    Samsung website trade in will offer you 600. You don’t do trade in’s at best buy

    Derek M. Franklin

    You will probably get more money back selling it on swappa or eBay.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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