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Best smartphone for gaming, especially for playing PUBG & Cod Mobile?

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    I need suggestions from PUBG and Cod Mobile pros, which is the best smartphone for gaming? OnePlus 7T, Apple iPhone 11? Note that in my country we don’t have Xiaomi or Asus service centers that’s why I didn’t include ROG phone 2 and black shark pro 2.


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    Aurel Ghinea

    Iphone is the best option becaise developets made apps and game especially for the device.

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    Gourav Jain

    One Plus 7T ☺️

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    Rakin Talukder

    7t for more compatibility, display and super fast charging

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    Hai Nguyen

    Ipad mini 5

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    Muhammad Musa

    Go for one plus 7T blindly …….just one word for that its awesome

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    Anand Sapkal

    Iphone 11 for sure coz it has the best processor and GPU, even better than sd865

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    Nagarjuna Rockzz

    Rog phone 2 for gaming….air triggers are awesome…great battery life,4 wifi antennas…u can play hdr extreme with no lag…120hz display

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    Doug Moore

    The lg g8x best game phone

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    Deepanjan Maity

    Honestly if for PUBG, you should go with iPhone 11. It’ll run smoothly on it. Plus, iOS is better optimised. With op7t, you’ll get similar performance. But, it’s only a matter of time till it starts to lag. Also, keep in mind that iPhone 11 has a lot smaller screen and the display isn’t as good as you’d expect. At least, it didn’t stood out as of my expectations. And it’s apple economy we’re talking about. It’ll be all for money my friend. If you ever used an iPhone, you might be similar with the platform. For me, I used it for couple of hours (3-4 to ve exact). But, i couldn’t even find the freaking files in that device(iphone 11) to free up space and all.

    Conclusion:- if it’s only for gaming, specially for pubg, you can go with iPhone 11. But for everything else, op7t is well ahead of it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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