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Whichi is the best drop protective case for iPhone 11?

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    Best drop protective case for the 11? I’ve had my phone for a few days and already dropped it. Thankfully, on carpet and in a Tech 21 evo check case. My concern with the Tech 21 case is it offers no camera protection. The case is level with the lenses. I just tried a Speck case and it was terrible. Very tight and very difficult to put on and take off. (I loved Speck for previous models, so maybe a design flaw.) Think I even stretched the case and it was marked iPhone 11, for sure. Some reviews said they had their specks crack and split, so probably from the tightness I’m guessing. Anyway, now I don’t know which case to get and want something reputable. Any suggestions? I really prefer clear or colorful and not black. I thought about Casemate, but I can’t tell from pictures how it fits and they are slippery cases… sorry for the long post. I have anxiety about killing my phone… 😅

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    Martin Lynch
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    Razer arctech. Even regulates heat temp off the case.

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    Lorrie Watkins

    I ordered my son a punk case ~
    Check the website out
    Hopefully it’s a good one. Better rating that Lifeproof.

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    Evan Morrison

    Best protection case for iPhone 11 🙂 maybe You can choose it for a stylish look

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    Justin T Whitman

    Otter box defender

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    Danielle Voiculescu

    Tried the Casemate at the store and the camera protection is great, but the screen has no protection. So, nope. It was pretty if you aren’t a phone dropper like me…

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    Danielle Voiculescu

    Speck Presidio style cases do fit. I don’t really like the look of that style, though but seems like good protection.

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    Danielle Voiculescu

    Still haven’t decided. Currently using an ONN clear case from Walmart that has supposedly 4ft drop protection. Some reviews say it actually works and it fits well. Not as much protection as I would prefer, but at least it buys me time to look for another case, it is really clear and shows off the phone, too. Has a lip over the screen and is slightly raised above the camera bump. Only $5.

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    Rajaram Ramaswamy

    Urban armour gear

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    Danielle Voiculescu

    Went for the black Speck Presidio Grip case. Wish there were better colors, but it’ll do until the other cases go cheaper. They are on sale at Best Buy for $23 and also about the same price from Amazon. I’d recommend picking out in person because a lot had some little defects if you’re picky like I am. 😅 I liked Speck cases so much for my Samsung S8. Dropped it quite a few times and not a mark. Grip kept me from dropping it more. I’m quite clumsy… can’t recommend the speck candy shell version this time around as it doesn’t fit right.

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    Phoebe Daisy
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    Nick Lim

    shop here instead!

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