Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Anyone heard of Brandeis Prometheus mobile phone?

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    This looks interesting. Did anyone hear of Brandeis Prometheus mobile phone? It looks too good to be true lol.

    6.5″ Screen
    120hz refresh
    16gb Ram
    512gb Storage
    Snapdragon 865
    108mp Main Camera
    48mp Ultra Wide Camera
    40mp Selfie Camera
    8 LED Flash
    Headphone Jack
    Micro SD card slot
    4000mah battery
    65w Fast Charging
    40w Wireless Charging
    Sapphire Glass
    Stainless Steel body
    Android 10

    Andrew Betts

    Now this phone excites me !!!
    On paper best specs ever .

    Jordan Starling

    Saw this a while back, I’ll believe it when I see Flossy unbox it 😂

    Scott Henry

    16gigs of ram. Damn!!!

    Cam Pham

    I’d be sus if there’s no coverage on the device by the media tbh. If there’s no secure payment methods then it’s a scam

    Zac Webb

    Honestly I don’t kind the design. Could be a direction we see in the future, the triangle top and bottom would be nice for extra scrolling room. But most likely it’s just a fake product.

    Marvin Schellinger

    Kinda scammy, .co Domain, Website doesn’t work properly, no Price listed, Pre-order also not working.

    Brett Tehowennathe Morris

    Not sure this is accurate but this article puts the phone at $800. other articles I read also say it’s around $800

    Joseph A. Kitts

    What’s with the weird shape. Thats the only off putting thing

    Hamza Haroon

    this seems just like the hydrogen by red and escobar phone

    Andrew Betts

    It’s a crowd funding phone
    1000 dollars .
    500 if you put money down now and delivery in November approx

    Kenny Francisco

    Stay away. They had the same exact phone three years ago with what was considered flagship specs for the time and never dropped the phone.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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