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Anyone have any tips on saving battery life on an iPhone 11 Pro Max?

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    Anyone have any tips on saving battery life on an iPhone 11 Pro Max?

    Justin Tyson

    i don’t really think you need to haha, mine lasted all day even with constant intensive use

    Steve McCool

    I ain’t even trying to save battery on my 11 Pro Max and it lasts all day…

    Ian Slade

    Mine lasts 2 days with moderate use and no power saver

    Dane Raworth

    There is a low power mode on the swipe down menu if you really need it.

    Lex Oliveroz

    Don’t use it

    Anita Beer

    Close all browsing windows/ screens. Switch to flight mode as much as possible. Photos and videos plus gps uses most of the battery.

    Bobby Richards

    Here’s a short video. I have a 13 minute video with more tips and better explained if anyone wants it

    Anindya Proshoon

    Low power mode, medium or low brightness

    Jim Litton

    Batteries need to be drained. No use in really saving it . its already a max , u dont have to worry . And even it has a fast charger , 15 mins u can get about 50 % ryt ? Are you planning to use this phone for more than 1000 days ?

    Mike French

    I use mine all day and charge it at night regardless of battery level.

    Robson Prado Silva

    Do not let charge pass 80%

    Karen Rennie

    My battery has been doing really good. I charge it at night and let it run all the way down during the day.

    Syed Haider Shah

    Yes I have some tips to save battery life for the iPhone..

    Steve Hawkes

    Don’t play games, don’t make phone calls, don’t surf the web…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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