Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Nokia X5

Nokia X5 appears online, specification looks appealing!

Nokia X5 (2018), the latest smartphone from HMD Global, has appeared online and will be released soon! The specifications and price of this smartphone is more appealing than the recently released Xiaomi...
sugar c11

SUGAR C11 64-megapixel camera is the highest megapixel camera phone

Do you know about the highest megapixel camera phone? The inclusions of the 20-megapixel camera sensor on the mobile phone has been normal these days but what about 64-megapixel camera phone? Today...
Red pepper R15

Xiaolajiao Red pepper R15 is the cheapest wireless charging mobile phone

Xiaolajiao Red pepper R15 is the cheapest mobile phone to support wireless charging function, which is available at just $280. Mobile phones that support wireless charging are mostly expensive but recently Xiaolajiao has...
Huawei Nova 3

Huawei Nova 3 exposed, features a Kirin 710 chipset

Huawei Nova 3 has been exposed on Weibo ahead of its launch. It will be the first Huawei smartphone to feature a Kirin 710 chipset. The news comes when Qualcomm has...
Huawei Honor Note 10 GPU/CPU dual Turbo & liquid cooling

Huawei Honor Note 10 released with GPU/CPU dual Turbo & liquid cooling

Huawei has officially released its new generation large-screen phone Huawei Honor Note 10 with GPU/CPU dual Turbo & liquid cooling. To remind you, this mobile released after two years after the...
huawei leica partnership

Everything you need to know about Leica Lens used in Huawei mobile camera

Why is the "Leica" lens extensively used on Huawei mobile phones? Is there any cooperation between Huawei & Lecia? Read out to find out more. The performance of Huawei's mobile phone for the past...
Logo of MediaTek

MediaTek announces its first 5G modem Helio M70

MediaTek has officially announced its first 5G baseband Helio M70 and supports 5G NR, 5Gbps downlink rate, and meets the 3GPP specifications of 5G. It is a strong rival for Qualcomm...
Android vs. iPhone Security

Android Security vs. iPhone: Which Is More Secure

Android Security vs. iPhone; which is more secure between iOS and Android? Android user might say Android is secure while iPhone users might say iOS. The Chief of Android security thinks...
Gree Mobile 3

Gree Mobile set to launch Gree smartphone 3

Gree mobile has finally announced the Gree smartphone 3 and will be launched soon. Although Gree's mobile phones have been powerful with their specifications, sales are not as expected. A recent exposure...
vivo nex ultimate

Is Vivo NEX Ultimate worth buying?

Vivo mobile phone has always occupied a large share in the market, and its flagship Vivo NEX was liked by many users. Vivo NEX Ultimate is a top-class mobile phone with...