Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Meitu T9 Image

Meitu T9 price and specifications

Meitu T9 is another camera-centric phone by Meitu mobile. It will go for presale on June 13 and is priced at around 395 USD currently on the international market. The manufacturer has...
evolution of mobile phones

Important Changes in Mobile Phones last year

One of the important changes in mobile phones last year was the full-screen display. Today we are actually talking about two other small but important changes, that you might have noticed but...

YunOS is an alternative to android operating system

Yun OS, Ali OS, or Alibaba OS is an intelligent operating system developed by Alibaba Group that combines Alibaba Group's technological achievements in many areas, including Big Data , cloud services...
GPU turbo

Huawei GPU turbo can now be enabled in all Android mobile phones

An Android developer at XDA has released the crack of Huawei GPU Turbo module with which you can enable GPU turbo in all Android mobile phones. The developer has claimed that this...
charging mobile

Does charging your phone overnight ruin the battery?

Many people have the habit of charging the phone before going to bed and they let the phone to be charged overnight. Now, does this ruin the battery life of mobile phones?...
best smartphones under $200

Best smartphones available under $200

Top five Best Chinese smartphones available under $200. Selecting the best smartphone is always a difficult task as there are already a bunch of smartphones available on the market today. Use...
What is 5G

What is 5G?

Many networks are planning to launch 5G this year. Qualcomm and MediaTek have already released their first 5G modem. So, you might be thinking, what is 5G exactly? What does it...
Lenovo S5

Lenovo S5 specifications, price, review and first impressions

Lenovo S5 specifications, price, review, first impressions and everything you need to know. Lenovo S5 comes with a 5.70-inch full-screen display, Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM and 13-megapixel dual rear...
Huawei Honor 10

Huawei Honor View 10 vs Xiaomi Mi 6x (A2) comparison

Comparison of Huawei Honor View 10 and Xiaomi Mi 6x (A2) in terms of specifications, design, features, and price to find out who the winner is as both mobile phones are...
Android Pie

List of Huawei mobile phones getting Android 9 Pie update

The list of Huawei phones getting Android 9 pie update are Mate 10, 10 Pro, Mate RS Porsche Design, P20, P20 Pro, Honor 10 & V10, Honor play. On 7 July, Google released the latest Android...

Why is Huawei banned in the United States

China’s largest smartphone manufacturer Huawei is banned in the United States. Analysts insist that the main reasons for banning Huawei are its mobile phone chip business,...