Android Security vs. iPhone; which is more secure between iOS and Android? Android user might say Android is secure while iPhone users might say iOS. The Chief of Android security thinks differently. He claims that Android security is no worse than iOS, but it is better than it!

In the Android Security Assessment of 2017, Google announced that it has surpassed its competitors in terms of security because the Android system introduced a lot of security measures in the mid of 2017 and many of the measures even led the development of the industry.

David Kleidermacher, the head of Android security, told CNBC explicitly that Android security is now comparable to iOS. However, he remained restrained in his words: “Don’t name it by name, and now the Android system is as safe and even better than it’s competitors.”

However, in an interview with CNBC, Kleidermacher acknowledged a problem with Android: When someone discovers a bug in Android, Google must send software updates to many Android phone manufacturers, such as Samsung and Huawei, and then urge them to provide security updates as soon as possible. Despite this, this process often takes a long time, or some manufacturers will not respond to Google’s request.

More importantly, the open source Android gives users 100% freedom of choice. They can download apps from places other than Google Play, so Android users are often unintentionally downloading a lot of malware.

It is Claimed that Google Play Protect Enhances Android Security

Google Play Protect

However, Kleidermacher said that Google Play Protect on the Android platform can effectively solve this problem. It can not only review Google Play apps but also detect apps downloaded from other platforms. If a harmful app is found, it will automatically be deleted. So even if Android has those defects, it can be easily blocked. Unfortunately, this function does not work for all.

Even Google’s report shows that Android’s open-source approach is more secure than Apple’s closed-source code. Because as a global open source project, Android has a developer community, and everyone will help find deep vulnerabilities and process them quickly, which is significantly more efficient than closed-source projects.

What do you think about the claim of Google regarding Android Security? Please, leave your views on which is secure between Android and iPhone.

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