Thank you very much for taking your time to know about us. Let me introduce myself to you first. I am Sandip Ghimire, a tech guy who has taken the responsibility to startup and grow this website.

Talking about me, I was in love with technology from my early childhood. The technology has changed and the time has changed. When I look back now, I can’t just imagine how fast the development of electronics has revolutionized the world. The transformation of Desktop Computers into a laptop, the introduction of the mobile phones….and now, various innovations in smartphones….. are really unbelievable. The scope of electronics has become so wide and so is the interest of an individual like me.

I loved mobiles as soon as it was introduced. So, I have been running after it. As smartphones have been my passion, this website will be mostly about smartphones. It is not that we will not cover other gadgets. We will surely cover new innovations in wearables, drones, tablets and new tech as well.

I started Giznp because I love gadgets. I love the new innovations the gadget manufacturers bring to consumers. I follow the latest technology updates and controversies.

This website will cover the news about new gadgets and technology, new innovations in cell phone and Mobile CPU industries. We will also provide you reviews about smartphones, tablets, wearables, and drones whenever possible.

I think you have somehow known about Giznp. We do encourage you to participate in our sites by leaving comments on our website and facebook page. We also encourage you to provide us suggestions so that we can provide quality content to our readers.

Thank You.