Xiaomi CC9 camera review and sample photos

Xiaomi CC9 camera review

Today we will go through the camera review of Xiaomi CC9 camera and look at some of the sample photos to find out if this smartphone can really fulfill all your photography needs!

Xiaomi CC9 is unique among all other mobile phones manufactured by Xiaomi. We all know that Xiaomi mobile phones used to be the choice of male users, but this time, the story is different. Xiaomi has made changes to this strategy and launched Xiaomi CC 9, focusing particularly on female users. Today, we will just focus on the review of the camera and will also share some of the sample photos taken by Xiaomi CC9.

As per the specifications, Xiaomi CC9 is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor. The performance is still very good, after all, the Snapdragon 710 processor can be said to be the younger version of the Snapdragon 845 processor. The performance is strong and the power consumption is very low. We think that Snapdragon 710 processor is more practical than the Snapdragon 845 processor. Besides this, Xiaomi CC9 also falls in the segment of mid-range mobile phone, which is normal for it to have the Snapdragon 710 processor.

As for the appearance, Xiaomi CC9 comes with the water drop screen. The rear three cameras are placed in the upper left corner of the back, plus the 3D curved glass gives a premium feel to the design. Moreover, the matching of colors is suitable for both boys and girls.

Xiaomi CC9 camera review

The biggest highlight of Xiaomi CC9 is the camera. The front camera comes with 32 megapixels lens while the back camera comes with the triple-lens, the primary camera being a 48 megapixels sensor. This lens configuration usually comes with a flagship mobile phone. Xiaomi has done a wonderful job by placing these combinations on a mid-range phone. This is enough to make the camera the main feature of Xiaomi CC9. So we can say that Xiaomi CC9 is specially designed for mobile photography.

Sample photos that were taken by Xiaomi CC9 Front Camera

Let us look at some of the sample photos taken by Xiaomi CC9 Front Camera.

Xiaomi CC9 Front Camera Sample

beauty mode on Xiaomi CC9

Let’s talk about the selfie camera. The 32 megapixels selfie lens of Xiaomi CC9 supports AI portrait mode, backlight selfie, low light selfie, and AI low light portrait. When you use the front camera of Xiaomi CC9, you can always find the ways to make your look unique. Mini Features and Retouching can make your look even more beautiful. Moreover, you will love the Mimoji function, which creates a 3D avatar from your face. Certainly, Xiaomi CC9 will be one of the best selfie phones in the market.

Samples of 3D avatar of Mimoji function in Xiaomi CC9

Mimoji function in Xiaomi CC9

xiaomi CC9 avatar feature

Xiaomi CC9 Rear Camera

The triple camera combinations of Xiaomi CC9 are 8 megapixels super wide-angle lens, 48 ​​million Sony lens, 2 megapixels depth of field lens. The main features of the camera are the super night scene, portrait mode, background blur, AI beauty, AI scene camera, 960 frames slow motion, etc. It can be said that the camera function of Xiaomi 9 has been copied to Xiaomi CC9, and it is really conscience to carry these on a thousand yuan machine.

Sample photos that were taken by Xiaomi CC9 Rear Camera

The first is the sample photo taken in the daytime.

sample photo taken by Xiaomi CC9 1

sample photo taken by Xiaomi CC9 2

Let’s now take a look at the sample photos taken in the night and low light.

Xiaomi CC9 Night Photo

Low Light Photo of Xiaomi CC9

Low Light Photo of Xiaomi CC9Xiaomi CC9 Night Sample Photo

Verdict From our Review: We think that Xiaomi CC9 is in no way inferior to the current main-stream mobile phones available in the market today. Xiaomi CC9 really made us happy with the camera performance. If you want to buy a mobile phone solely for photography, then Xiaomi CC9 will suit your needs!

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