Hongmeng is the Huawei’s back up operating system

picture of hongmeng os

According to the latest news, Google has suspended its business with Huawei. This means that Huawei will have limited access to the Android Operating System and will lose its access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) completely.

So, the question is what will happen next? Although Huawei has not given an official response, Huawei’s BG head, Yu Chengdong, wrote on social media a few days ago, “In addition to having its own chip, Huawei has a competent operating system.”

According to the Chinese sources, Huawei began planning its own operating system “Hongmeng” from 2012. It is intended to become an alternative to Google’s Android Operating system. Yu Chengdong once said, “We have already prepared our own operating system. Once we are prohibited from using these operating systems (from Google and Microsoft), we will be ready to start the B plan.”

Android By Google

Regarding “Hongmeng”, it is reported that the operating system has been optimized for Linux (open source) and has been already tested in some parts of China.

However, Huawei’s internal team said that the self-developed operating system is a backup plan in an extreme environment and is not intended to replace Android.

Regarding the negative impact of Google suspension, some analysts believe that the impact will vary on the domestic and international market. Huawei will not be affected in the domestic market, and the software ecology developed in China is relatively matured.

But for international markets, although Android is an open source project, Google Mobile Services (GMS) still needs to be authorized. GMS includes Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and Google Play and other top-rated Google apps. If you want to use it, you must obtain Google’s consent and authorization, and you can’t modify it at your will.

This suspension will prevent Huawei from installing Google Mobile Services (GMS) on their upcoming mobile phones. In the absence of GMS on a mobile phone, you can’t officially use Gmail, Chrome, GooglePlay and other Google apps.

Everything has two sides. Although this suspension will hurt Huawei at the present time, it will open a new door for Huawei. Huawei will be forced to concentrate more on developing its own operating system and resources.

If Huawei can bring all the Chinese mobile manufacturers together, Hongmeng replacing Android might not be impossible.

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